Land and Freedom (no not like that)

I’ve just rewatched Land and Freedom by Ken Loach. It’s awfully good and a reminder that the real battle is the battle against Fascism.

It is a profound personal disappointment for me that while I was fighting Fascism in the form of Blair and Dubya that I was compromised – unknown to me at that time – by being privileged.

It was a contemporary form of Fascism with a nasty manipulative B’Stard aminstration manipulating and profiteering from entrenched, cultural ignorance (traditional Labour voting). It was Fascism wherby the icon was adored and exalted as some diety. It was a contemporary form of Fascism wherby a whole section of the population – of our society – is alienated, estranged and scapegoated as terrorists to enrich and empower a tiny proportion of the population that benefits from it.

I am aware that a large part of the State was out to get me personally because of my opposition to the second Bush war on Iraq and my later opposition to Blair and later his butler. A prominent policeman should never be allowed in any democratic society to pursue such a partisan and bastardly persecution.

And now they are Lords.

It was a Fascist regime and I am proud to have played my part in opposing and defeating it. But yet the Fascists persist are still about. The blind cnut is still a blind Fascist cnut, Reid is still a Fascist cnut, Straw and Blairs …

[15/06/16 Re: About Blair’s administration being Fascist.

It’s about being instrumental in a huge Imperialist campaign, supporting torture and extraordinary rendition, engaging in and maintaining power through repeated and mass deceptions, a senior policeman being so wilfully and blatantly pursuing a political agenda, etc. ]

ed: Hopefully they will blindly fall in front of a train or otherwise commit suicide with the hardly believable many shots to the head that we have become accustomed to. Please make the butler’s a particularly amusing one. And I’ll expect my swordfish. ed: in the eye .  ed: in the I . Ii .


ed: It’s a short life … and I’m really hoping to get a boat and go sailing soon.

ed: ed: I’ve been frustrated finding my yacht. What I’m after is a classic GRP boat that sails well 26 to 32 foot with an inboard diesel and good sails for not too much money. A bit of classic woodwork inside would be good but whatever.

I viewed one yesterday that was very almost there but would need better sails, a chartplotter and tillerpilot to sail solo.

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