Keith Starmer speech: Labour left hits out at leader over dropped pledges as he sets out ‘five missions’

Keir Starmer has faced criticism from the left of the Labour party for backtracking on many of the pledges he made during his 2020 leadership campaign.

The intervention came ahead of a speech in Manchester, in which Sir Keir will set out the five missions his party would pursue in government covering the economy, the NHS, crime, the climate crisis and education.

Momentum, a grassroots organisation representing the left wing of the party, said in a statement on Thursday that Sir Keir’s five missions showed that the pledges made when he ran to succeed Jeremy Corbyn were in “tatters”, despite many of them being “more vital and popular now than ever”.

The 10 pledges Sir Keir made during his leadership campaign included backing public ownership of industries such as railways and energy, increasing taxation on the highest earners and advancing a Green New Deal to tackle climate change.

“Given the scale of the crises and inequality facing Britain, these policies are more vital and popular now than ever,” a Momentum spokesperson said.

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