Just Stop Oil activists arrested in blanket ban on protests on London roads

A Just Stop Oil protest in central London
A Just Stop Oil protest in central London

‘Your government has taken away your right to peaceful protest,’ the activists say. ‘If you are not outraged by this, you are not paying attention’

ACTIVISTS from Just Stop Oil were arrested during their daily action in Parliament Square today as they marched against the detaining of protesters and fossil fuel projects in Britain.

More than 40 protesters set off from Charing Cross in central London at 8am, but were forced to move their action onto the pavement after being approached by police officers who said they would impose conditions under the Public Order Act (Section 12).

A blanket notice under the Act was issued on all London roads ahead of the action, making protests unlawful.

The protesters returned to the road while marching past Whitehall before being told to get off the road once again.

They returned to the road for a third time at Parliament Square at which point around 12 protesters were arrested.

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