It’s not black and white

A few music vids. Although I have dedicated these to some abbreviated names, I don’t want to exclude anyone & these are for all who believe that they deserve them. They are also for everyone to enjoy and perhaps reflect. X

CM(y), OD(y), CD(s)

Ttn & me ;) Isn’t it? AFa,

AFa again, JJ & BHs

Everyone. Probably more to follow. Love X

edit: Respect to everyone who is pursuing similar objectives. X

ed: Missed JC, I have a lot of respect for him.{16/2/21 Apologies JC, you inspired me to be a dissident blogger fun pantomine farce) later: Correction – actually that was Craig Murray

later: Fun pantomine farce How Not to live your life Don’s Posh weekend

later again: More fun pantomine farce: Dodgeball (or Sharknado;)

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