It moves about, and it’s nonsense, and they have to personify it … this elusive threat

That threat moves about.

It needs to be personified – OBL – perhaps not so much recently since he’s been killed about ten years after he died … He been killed ten years before he died and ten years after he died.

There’s people who oppose your way of life. Isn’t that awful? People who don’t agree with you? Don’t they deserve to be killed? Like, massively killed? Just because they’re not into killing people? So … people who ain’t into killing people should be killed? Is that it?

What I’m suggesting is, like, if they’re living in Pakistan and are having a wedding party. Don’t they deserve to be killed by a US drone from Virginia? Well they’re obviously foreign and that …

Sort it outo

ed: This has to stop. Killing people has to stop in 21st century. The people who had power no longer have power – now we negotiate and reach consensus.

This is 21st century. It is a new century. It is a new reality.

edit: Do you people in the US think that it’s acceptable to indiscriminately kill by drone in Pakistan? Well, do you?

They’re having a wedding party and a US done kills them all.   I’ll give you some dots    …

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