Internet radio has been suspended …

Internet radio to all stations has been suspended. I quite enjoyed that …

I wonder who could do that? [ed: no I don’t) Must be a dissident …

2.30am back now

2.40 nah, I can’t listen to the station I wanna. Isn’t there some interference with fundamental rights here? I’ll check

Is back to the analogue radio (still got to fix my fave

5.00 gone again. no internet radio for me. Is weird, no? wf?

5.05am Looks like I am prohibited from listening to internet radio. Isn’t that weird?

Looks like I will have to listen to analog radio. But isn’t that more difficult for you guys to monitor? I mean, you’d have to have analog rather than digital bugs. (My house rather than easy nonsense) Is Weirdness

You hear this: Oh who’s a lovely pussy cat? No going on the road now. Stay away from that road. You sad ****s

5.19am I’m monitoring news using tor. I don’t understand why you are blocking internet radio – it seems very weird and arbitrary and I really cannot see any reason for it. I can always turn an anlog radio on.

ed: Ok. got it. Is reduce my footprint. That’s what you want.

ed: Which raises the Q why?

ed: and the answer is because it’s being sent worldwide – the ‘intelligence’ is shared amoungst uncounted agencies. Well, consider.

ed: I’m going to write some scripts to keep you spooks busy. You’ll have some much nonsense that you’ll have no idea. with love, ;)

13.25 werking again



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