I want to tell you about being a suspected terrrist

It really pisses me off that they’ve decided that because I’m a political activist … then I’m a potential suicide bomber.

It’s very out of order that the police cannot distinguish political activists from terrorists.

I can assure you that is exactly how it is in UK because that is exactly my experience. If you’re a political activist, uk cops regard you as a terrrist.

Hey Ed: It’s wrong. There is a tradition of negotiation in UK. In some sense democracy is negotiation. I am very pissed off that I am regarded as a suspected terrorist,

Actually, I request that the police review why I am regarded as a suspected terrorist.

I accept that I’ve called for politicians to be hung up from lamposts. That is regarded as democracy in societies that have done that. Does suggesting that Tony Blair and John Reid and maybe that blind cnut Blunkett deserve to be hanged from lamposts make me a fecking wang-bang terrrist? Couldn’t you just look the other way?


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