I think that it may be time to party …

[ed: I think that the Idiot/Ignoramus OTUS is history (i.e. dead) although I accept that I have made a false call for another blond-haired ignoramus who is instead actually still hanging on as the walking(dead)]

That ‘China virus’ that will go away …

such extreme xenaphobic fascism …

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving blond-haired psychopath …

Oh, come to think of it

Can I do on your way to Perpetual Torment?

[ed: He was never a Christian, the filthy rich are raised and educated as psychopaths (US: sociopaths). They are taught to be uncaring (your choice here, may be 4/5 characters {or 6/7] or 8/9) who are not responsible for the consequences of their actions. Rich cnuts are rich cnuts because that’s what they’re taught.

To change it. Hold them responsible for their actions, stop that teaching, stop them being rich.

ed: Socially distanced please

[ed: Capitalism is not coping well with Coronavirus. Have you noticed? We’ve got to do away with ridiculously rich people and instead care for each other and our future (including our World and our Environment)] .

later: Shouldn’t we be caring for our World? Shouldn’t we be caring for it?

later: We need to care for each other and our world and our environment and we can’t allow a ridiculously rich minority to destroy it/that.

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