I strongly advise against taking the UK approved Coronavinus/Covid-19 ‘vaccine’

The alleged vaccine has not been tested in any meaningful way,

I strongly advise against taking the UK approved Coronavinus/Covid-19 ‘vaccine’. Despite Boris warning against the nonsense of anti-vaxxers, I am warning against the pro-vaxxers BS.

later edit: It’s not about anti-vaxxers & pro-vaxxers. Boris & co have attempted to constrain the debate in the context of anti-vaxxers vs. this vaccine which is unfair & distracting. The debate should be about this potential vaccine, not anti-vaxxers.

* The vaccine has not been tested in any meaningful way. It’s absolutely f’ing ridiculous that this has been accepted as anything approaching any scientific validity. I very strongly suspect that UK govt has used evil* methods to get this passed.

* This vaccine is based on a totally new unknown science involving injecting people with RNA.

* Evil UK legislation: We direct you to do this and not divulge it to anyone on threat of being imprisoned for ever.

This vaccine is not even going to work

ed: and may well damage you terribly. UK government has granted impunity from prosecution to the vaccine manufacturers.

7/12/20 corrected minor typos

9/12/20 It occurs to me that it is totally insane to introduce alien RNA into someone’s system, and that it’s totally alien to the rules of nature. It occurs to me that it is totally perverse and why on Earth would anyone even contemplate it never mind actually do it. It looks like absolute desperation when what’s needed is rationality and reason.

later: It’s been tested on 40 or so people over 55. [12/12/20 I don’t recall where I got that figure but I thought that it was first or second-hand from pfizer, reporting their vaccine trial. It seems to me that reports are changing which is disturbing. https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-announce-publication-results-landmark:“The median age was 52 years, and 42% were older than 55 years.”] It’s approved as for use as an emergency measure. It’s not approved for use with other medications. Granddads and grandmothers in care homes are sacrificial.

Image reads "TRUTH the new hate speech"

later: Which raises the issue who are they a sacrifice to? I suggest that the answer is this crap useless government that has been so incompetent and negligent with Boris neglecting to attend the first 5 COBRA meetings addressing the Coronavirus crisis. Boris’s UK shambolic incompetence is only matched by his Trans-Atlantic brother blond incompetent luser.

later yet: And what about that one? He’s insane. You lost the election, you total a**hole. You lost the election because more people voted against you than for you. It is inanity (and insanity;) that he can’t understand that.

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