I was hypnotized against my will and without my consent in February 2017. Dr. Bitchy video recorded me while I was hypnotized. I remember her setting up a tripod. I doubt that she filmed me eating onions. I wonder if she’s a Zionist. [26/03/18 I suspect that she is because she writes carefully-crafted letters encoded in English Jewish code (Agrippa). You are welcome to accuse me of anti-Semitism in the comments.]

Strange that any complaints I make about that GP practice get suddenly dropped – Health Service Ombudsmen, ICO, I’ve even had an advocate can’t wait to drop me. Much more emotional and involving when you see it on screen.

7/3/19 I am fiercely independent and not one to raise my arms as though in surrender. Dr. Bitchy has really f’d me over because I did not defer to her class and perceived status.

I was following medical advice and insisted on seeing a doctor urgently because there was the real possibility that I was bleeding internally. She has seen to it that evil lies are spread about me so that people treat me like something nasty that you step in by accident. She’s attacked me while hiding. I’ve recognised part of it because I partially speak that ‘language’.

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