Hmm I wonder

I wonder what is enough ???


well, not even and then …

from my perspective,

I suggest that it is

participating in the democratic process

The trouble is


B & Co

had +identified

that’s + identified

[ed: anyone that threatened him – just like a Fascist

and then what did he do? what would a Fascist do? Hmm, maybe request assassination?

2002 Bliar

and of course – he is so decipherable

Bliar wnaking over Bob Geldof and u2 .,

I suppose that you shouldn’t nweed a big car to imagine a fcking ridiculous tiny member magnification while killing thosands of unBelievers a day,

Listen, you f’ing twat – I know what you dont as well as loads of others. We read your Seldon bio twat


TB you’re an arse

I appreciate that may not be recognised as the intended insult

I need a proper insult for TB

Farrage was defined as being the smelly scum juice at the bottom of the bin probably especially from catering establishments .. you know that really nasty, sick siht that makes you want to vom


You are the …

all the evil nasties that infect hospitals (that you tried to abolish).

You are on the same level as E-COLI, Clostridium Difficile, Salmonella and all the other dirty fcking bstard nasties associated with siht.

later: Broadcasting for a UK citibject to be ? Well Tonee, there’s that expression “Hanging is too good for him”.

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