Have we moved on from BS terrorism?

I am so pleased if we have

Because you see because I was a political activist opposing Tony Bliar and his butler Ian Blair

I was a suspected terrrist.

You do understand this don’t you …

if you’re a suspected terrorist you can be killed by excessive gunfire not under UK rules of engagement (because they were not UKian/British i.e. they were foreign).

They point is that if you oppose Blair as a legitimate political activist you can be killed even if you only share actually a very dissimilar name.

Similar/dissimlar he points at me.

So they killed a poor guy to point at me.

I think that that the real issue here – apart from the murder of a totally innocent and unsuspecting person by the Fascist state – is that these cnuts think that they can do this. How dare they. If they think that they can kill us then isn’t it logical and reasonable that we kill them back?

I remember having this conversation many years ago – probably ten years ago – if they are killing us then why shouldn’t we kill them back?


Look, this is totally different to any election going on now. It is totally seperate to any election. I have tried to refrain from any comments during election time. Carry on.



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