Greens win big in UK local elections

Image of the Green Party's Carla Denyer on BBC Question Time.
Image of the Green Party’s Carla Denyer on BBC Question Time.

Preliminary results are showing that the Green Party has made huge gains in UK local elections increasing their share of elected councillors by about 60%.

7.40am. I wrote the previous statement at about 6.25am. It’s early and there are only a few results in yet. The Tories (Conservatives) have lost 50% of their seats, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Independents are gaining 20%, the Green Party are gaining roughly 60%.

11.35am Greens have currently increased their number of elected councillors over 100%.

1.35pm. Only 37% of results have been announced so far. The Green Party has doubled their number of elected councillors from 43 to 86. Not many I know, but certainly the best result for any political party.

1.45pm. Tories (Conservatives) are losing roughly 33% of their seats, not 50% as reported above. The rest of my calculations / claims look correct ;)

3.30pm. Just over half the results are in. Tories (Conservatives) are losing about 30% of their seats, Labour gaining just under 25%, Liberal Democrats gaining 16/17% or so, Independents losing seats, Green Party still about 100% gain.

5.25pm. 77/78% of results are in. Green Party’s vote is currently increased by 119%, Labour 25% gain, Liberal Democrats 28% gain. ed: Just to be clear, I’m discussing elected councillors here.

12 midnight. I’ve been waiting for all the results to come in. We have results from 228 of 230 councils, elected councillors.

Labour 2,662 +25% (seats, swing), Conservative 2,288 -28.5%, Liberal Democrats 1,613 [8.30am 6/5/23 +33% not +43.5%], Independents 872 -8.5%, Green Party 479 +101%, Residents’ Association 88 -21%. Turnout appears to have been very low. There is a narrative promoted about Starmer’s Labour likely to win a general election.

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