Flying early next week

I’m flying early next week to view a boat.

I’m going and coming back late the same day. That’s what I’m doing.

ed: I would prefer not to see FO machine guns

ed: because that’s over the top & not necessary. I can accept that it may be necessary in certain circumstances but you can keep them out of sight just like you do with your cars

ed: The problem is that police openly carrying weapons – even a handgun on the waist – is that it <I’m having trouble expressing myself> is not consistent with / abbrades, it’s rough / with a democratic society.

ed: The point is that police quite openly holding machine guns is appropriate only to repressive regimes. It is making the statement that you will be killed.

ed: and disagreement is not tolerated.

while it is a democratic right to disagree and express that disagreement.

ed: Let’s clarify this.

Police with machine guns means that police with machine guns can kill lots of people – that’s what machine guns do – they kill lots of people.

It should be recognised that UK police have machine guns but they are normally locked out of sight in the back of the police car. Get rid of this idea that UK police are not armed – it’s just a fallacy. Loads of diplomatic protection police have vulnerably accessible handguns (on their motorcycles)[ed: I could have done it, no problem]. UK police are armed.

I think that the issue is that overt heavy armament i.e. machine guns signify an oppressive authoritarian regime which I hope that the UK is not.

ed: Anyway I’m going to see a boat

ed: We’re going to have to take the piss:

You’ve got a biggun

Don’t know if I can get that in my mouth …

It’s notworking . I need bigguns pund

ed: Hollow Point – that’s not funny. D’you imagine that the DCdM [ed: murderers ] were Israeli?

ed: No need to imagine

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