FFilumm recccommmenddattionns

I commend Sharknado & Sharknado 2: The Second One as wonderful ffilums tthat eexpand oon tthe cconcept tthat yyou ccan bbelieve eeverything oon ttv.

Ssharknado 3 is coming soon. Shark Avalanche is pretty ggood ttoo.

ed: Elections are like that too ;) Do I mean as believable as carp fiction?


Opinion polls so wrong, yet again so soon after the Scottish referendum. These opinion polls do their best – that’s their business after all. I like rats, they don’t smell.

fishy? sharky?

(ed: Very good music at the end of Avalanche Sharks]

later ed: Vurassic Shark is really good for yu believers of televission: about the same quality too ;)

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