Ed Miliband is correct in saying that the filthy rich don’t pay tax

That’s how it works, of course …

The filthy rich pay no tax … it’s like Heaven on Earth

Well … Cameron employed that Greentaxevadingcnt tax exile as an advisor. Employ a fantastically successful evader of UK taxes as an advisor? Greencnt Top Shop …

He employed him as an advisor to govt? Well, didn’t he?

ed: Philip Green, ***** tax avoider, Cameron and the Tory Party love him.

It’s about money and privilege of course, if you’re borned rich without ever having to have any concern for supporting yourself, you’ll be fine and ignorant

just like Boras (i)

They are so ridiculous, no? Upper-class twats?

Well, I think of them as upper-class twats who have no idea of reality.

OK, us people who’ve been to normal schools. We had fights in the schoolyard. These cnts didn’t. They were in public school. They’ve never even had a schoolyard fight and the cnts are going to war.

They’ve never had a black eye or a swollen lip and they’re sending people to be killed.

Philip Green, Cameron’s mate and advisor, tax evader’s yacht



Nice yacht for a tax evader and a mate of David Cameron’s eh?

Is called Lionheart

You can search for super rich yachts on google so you can appreciate that you’ve got no chance compared to the 0.1% that are not so much in charge but totally ponced to. If you have a chance to insult or assault (thump) them (with the slightest excuse), please do so. I’d like to.

er: I’m sorry, nobody deserves to be assaulted. Instead they need to reasonably be told that they are not appreciated. Believe me they will never have been told this before.


Shall we go for that you have absolutely no right to be stinking, ridiculously rich

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