The (two-Faced) Grand-Cnutty

ed: You know the two-faced one, the one that says different things to different audiences, the Grand-Cnutti

Heh, don’t mention Blair and that …

The Grand-Cnutty is gone soon … cos he’s an old dying bastard.

The point is that once he’s dead, he’s dead.  There’s noone anywhere near as grand-cnutti as him. He’s just dead and that’s the end of it. Bye ;) I’m really pleased with that. He’ll be dead in five or ten years. great, Bye :)

ed: Well he is like the living dead … a decrepit old one just hanging on …




ed: He publishes that ****

He publishes. Shall we look at taxes?

Be good when he croaks it. It’ll happen soon. :) Be good if I can hurry it up. 3 months?

ed: A week or two would be good.

ed: Go on do us all a favour, you ridiculous twisted, foul old grand-cnutty

die, be good for all of us

point is you’re as good as dead anyway …

and anyway you’ve always been full of shit.

I am making the point here: You have always been full of shit Murdoch. YOU HAVE BEEN AN ANTI-DEMOCRAT. You have been opposed to democracy.

: Die you old cnut, there’s noone to take your place. You’ll just be dead and that will be great. Oh and by the way don’t mention that dirty skudding b’stard Bliar

be the end of it. When you’re dead, great.

Heh, don’t mention that dirty slag Blair (oh and your dirty slag wife) ..

… ;)

Suzie C’mon, wasn’t it?

Half your decrepit old age. She can still feck while you’re just a twisted old siht

Hey Rupert, Have I got your attention?

You’re a useless twat. Do us all a favour. Fuck off and die.

3 months is 4th August.


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