DRAFT: A comment on rioting and looting

Riots and looting has commandered the attention of corporate media.

Take a look at how armoured and defended these riot policemen are.

They’ve got armouring at their forearms, their elbows, their backs, their shoulders, their chests, their privates, their hips, their upper legs, their knees, their shins and their feet. They have crash helmets with visors. W(here)TF are they not protected? As well as that they have shields and big truncheons that they are most definitely not scared to use against democratic non-violent protestors.

Are we supposed to belive that this vallant police force is not able to despatch a few hundred involved in rioting and looting although they are well capable of intimidating and harassing thousands of democratic demonstrators?

[Had ¬†terrible trouble editing out “thir chests,” that appeared twice. This is only a draft ~ watch out tomorrow (later today)]


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