Coronavirus UK:

I’ve experienced huge problems understanding UK government’s response. I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s because the UK’s response is incomprehensible.

The UK government has been promising antibody tests for weeks. I understood then and it is clear now that antibody tests don’t exist. The UK government has been BSitting.

I suggest that UK government should be investigated for criminal negligence.

ed: There’s much more than that: It appears that UK govt has done nothing i.e. been totally negligent. The immediate issues were increasing the number of ventilators and providing PPE. I am surprised that this pandemic has taken so long to spread but the point is that I am not a government with so many advisors that they must have ignored.

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  1. Aleenazet

    Hello to all
    In this baffling time, I honey you all
    Appreciate your strain and friends

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