Coming soon: Got to do some on that shyte Starmer


Imagine being called a Blairite …

But that’s what He’s going for ~ He wants to be recognised as the Blairyte

Blair the Tory

WTF is that about? So there’s a party that’s promoting a Tory and all the Tory – Neo-Con really – Blair was a total Neo-Con and Starmer is to.

So you’re the Labour Party?

You – the LAbour Party – going to have another total cnut Neo-Con as prime minister?

I would rather have guts and passion

Fuck you Labour Party if you’re backing suck a Neo-Con Establishemnt cnut

I am proud to call myself a Socialist

I’ve been very proud to call myself a Socialist. i’ve never been a member of the Labour Party.

In the current Labour Party now you’ve got a leader who is a Neo-Con.

ed: to be continued. I will be critisising the Neo-Con cnut Keith Starmer

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