C’mon then ~ is about time to help me … there’s an election coming don’t ya know & they do so love this terrrism BS

well, why not, eh?

seems like a good time?

{is prob best not to email or that, unless you’re wise ;)

slightly later (time) ed: the various versions of The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo: Well worth watching but is there more? Praps you need assistance? dust explosions & then terrrism …

[ed: No, ed not Ed. The idea from TGwtDT is clever assistance]

ed: Was I to … it’s difficult to find the right word … praps framed

ed: as I said, difficult to find the right word = praps a phrase would be better like

Kadima New Labour says kill this one, this is your target

[[well that’s obviously what the murder of Jean Charles de_Menezes was for. It was quite clearly saying kill this one . It’s obvious, isn’t it??? ]]

(as though Kadima had not done enough in July 2005)

ed: Kadima was not until November 2005. Does that matter? The total traitor to Israel Tony Blair was still a total traitor to the Zionists, the name is not important. and July 2005.

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