A look back at the Dallas soap opera

Dallas was a popular soap opera starting in 1978 following the lives of a super rich oil family in Dallas. There was a lot of scandal since it was an imaginary soap opera. I didn’t really watch it to be honest but might have noticed Bobby Ewing once or twice – [ed: he doesn’t look at all fit now] . There was JR Ewing the main boss and a real crook, Suella Ewing his drunken wife, think that they all had affairs. Was it curvy Pam Ewing married to hot Bobby? [ed: Bobby doesn’t look at all hot now]

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PARODY: JSO activists banged up

Just Stop Oil (JSO) activists in UK have been imprisoned for Thoughtcrime and being woke tofu-eating Guardian-readers. Posing with an expensive Chinook helicopter Parody Home Secretary Sue-Ellen Braverman said “Of all those arrested – although they had not committed any actual physical crime – there is indisputable evidence that they had thought about it. There are claims that they had sworn an oath to take action to get arrested protecting the planet within a month. I will be totally over the top at every opportunity.”

Braverman posing with a ‘Chinook’

She continued “I will use all the power of the state to intimidate and isolate individuals who dare not agree with me. I want to make quite clear that we’re talking about political activists here, usually but not necessarily men, people of different ages who meet and come together – yes totally voluntarily and without any duress – we will not have adults mingling and cavorting with each other. Through our extensive covert intelligence activities we know that one of the most vocal Just Stop Oil supporters was intending to meet one particular ‘youngman’ through a gay dating website. As I say, through our extensive covert operations, we have prevented that from happening and made clear our threats to stifle any such legal behaviour. I will not have people getting on with their private lives and enjoying themselves when they oppose us.”

ed: 7 Nov 22 To clarify: It’s a threat to interfere of course, that a prospective contact has been identified and the very reference to his nick (since altered) is threatening. It’s common knowledge that things work that way. There should be absolutely no interference in my private life. There is absolutely no reason why the Home Secretary should even be aware of my contacts who are absolutely nothing to do with activism. I call on the Home Secretary to resign.

[9/11/22 Braverman landed her Chinook on 3rd November. My message to ‘youngman’ on 2nd November ended “have respect for yourself and expect respect from other people even if we never meet. X”]

later: It’s more than just reference to his nick on this one occasion.


The Metropolitan Police said it had made arrests on Sunday evening and this morning as part of an operation to identify and arrest climate activists suspected of planning the motorway disruption.

Three people suspected of planning public disruption were arrested on Sunday, Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist said.

The force said that another four had been arrested at 8am today at an address in south London for alleged conspiracy to cause public nuisance.

All the arrests were for suspected offences under the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act.

Campaign group Liberty has previously criticised the legislation for “stifling our freedom to protest and setting a dangerous precedent for the future.”


DALLAS – Suella ON The Streets Of Dallas
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Is there anything I can do to prevent the World getting destroyed?

I am proposing this as a serious question. Please let me know if you have any serious suggestions.

Very unfortunately it appears that our thick as mince Home Secretary is censoring comments except on the shit article. I’ll be watching for suggestions there and elsewhere. dizzy@ …

ed: +-1

5/11/22 Looks like I’m going to get some help with this – which I am so grateful for. Please confirm

5/11/22 Disabling comments on this blog is an extreme measure affecting far more people than myself only. Freedom of expression and participation in the democratic process is denied to all those who wish to comment.

My website stats are also censored.

It is difficult to regard this as anything other than a deliberate stifling of political debate in opposition to the current government. It is in fact a silencing of all political debate since comments are permitted on the basis that they are relevent and do not include advertising only. The one or two comments that get through are generally critical of the left or me.

I remind civil servants e.g. GCHQ and MI5, that they should behave impartially.

23: 30ish ed: I request that you reassess restrictions applied to this blog that discusses political issues.

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Two Afghans tell of how they were taken from Manston centre and left without accommodation or money


People taken from Manston immigration holding centre have described their dismay at being deposited late at night in central London, without accommodation, appropriate clothing or money.

Amid growing controversy over the circumstances in which large numbers of people were bussed out of the acutely overcrowded camp, the Home Office has insisted that it only released asylum seekers who told staff that they had family or friends they could stay with.

But two people from Afghanistan told the Guardian that they were brought to London without having a clear idea of where they could stay. They describe scenes of rushed confusion as staff ushered them on to buses at the holding centre, before they were abandoned at Victoria railway station.

A young asylum seeker from Afghanistan was among the group of 11 people left on the street outside Victoria station on Tuesday evening. He said he had told Home Office staff during an interview before leaving the camp that he had no relatives or acquaintances in the UK.

“They asked me if I had any friends or family and I replied I had no one in England,” he said. Later he was asked by officials what city he would like to go to, and he said he would like to go to London, assuming that accommodation would be provided for him.

The young man, who asked not to be named, said he asked the bus driver where he should go as they arrived at Victoria station. “I thought there was going to be a hotel for us. He said: ‘Go anywhere you want to go, it’s not my responsibility.’ I told the driver I don’t have any address or any relatives. He said: ‘I can’t do anything for you.’”

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just Stop Oil respond to Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s threats

UK Home Secreatry Suella Braverman is proceedng with the Public Order Bill introduced by the previous Home Secretary Pritty [23/10/22 Priti, apologies] Patel. It includes a new amendment so that secretaries of state can apply for an injunction  ‘in the “public interest” where protests are causing or threatening “serious disruption or a serious adverse impact on public safety”.’ It appears that the government has accepted Labour Parly leader Keir Starmer’s suggestion. The Labour Party has since attempted to position itself as pro-green e.g. with the slogan “fairer, greener future” at it’s 2022 conference.

I’m struck than many of Just Stop Oil’s activists are so young. These are the people that destroying the planet are really going to affect. It could literally be a death sentence for them, wtf are they going to see? We already have serious weather events on a regular basis at 1.1/1.2C increase in global temperature. We’ve seen devestating temperatures, flooding and fires. Despite such devestating effects, Liz Truss’s bonkers UK government is accelerating climate destruction.

It is unfortunate that protests are disruptive but these protestors are certainly not selfish as claimed by Braverman. They’re not the government supporting and indistinguishable from those destroying the planet for profit. I can fully sympathise that climate activists have no choice other than to protest disruptively.

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