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UK politics assessment

An update to an earlier post from March 2019 to reflect changes since then. This is a work in progress and needs to be finished. Since then Boris Johnson was apponted leader of the Conservative party in July 2019 and … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn to announce Labour manifesto

UK’s Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is announcing the Labour manifesto today. While I am not and have never been a Labour member, I strongly support the current Labour party and their policies. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party are … Continue reading

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Labour Party Conference

UK’s Labour Party conference is being held at Brighton this week. The UK Labour Party is currently enjoying huge support and is likely to form the next government. UK’s Labour Party is a Socialist party. One aspect of Shadow Chancellor … Continue reading

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I’d like to make quite clear …

That I am not and have never been a Labour Party member. I am not a member of and have never attended a meeting of the Momentum organisation. I am a Socialist with a big, capital S. I have a … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn

My congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and his team. It is good to have a Socialist leading the Labour Party. I sincerely hope that the Labour Party will also turn Socialist. (ed: I backed him at 8/1 and made a few … Continue reading

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Craig Murray on how the Left can win

Craig Murray has an excellent article on how the Left can win. “A Daily Mirror opinion poll following a BBC televised Labour leadership candidates’ debate this week had Jeremy Corbyn as the clear winner, with twice the support of anyone … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn, Socialist

23.17 edit: If I had a vote, Jeremy Corbyn would most certainly – without any doubt – have it. 00.57 I’m calling on Lefties to support Jeremy Corbyn.

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