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LIQUID EXPLOSIVES TERRORISM BULLSHIT BE AFRAID John Reid, 99 later: Well be awfully afraid. You can’t possibly take more than 100ml of anything because you’re a terrorist unless proved otherwise. Total bullshit. Be afraid you plebs. Shall we discuss the … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory Unofficial Narrative Fake Manufactured Terrorism The story of the London Bombings 7 July 2005 7/7 Jean Charles de Menezes Ian Blair Tony Blair

I’m not sure about this and I’d like some feedback. THIS ARTICLE IS TO BE REPEATEDLY UPDATED AND AMENDED. While I have a lot, I don’t have the whole story so I would appreciate help with the uncertain parts. Thanks. … Continue reading

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It’s nice to have secrets …

It’s nice to have secrets, isn’t it? I used to have the secret that I was growing dope in my attick (how is attick spelled?). It wasn’t actually much of a secret actually because I’m sure that the police knew. … Continue reading

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