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Snooper’s Charter deemed unlawful The Government’s so-called ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ is unlawful in its current form, the Court of Appeal has ruled. Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour Party, challenged the law that he said was ‘flawed from the start’. The law – … Continue reading

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Amber Rudd plc trashing peoples’ computing devices

The privatised – presumably for the purpose of tax evasion [sorry, avoidance] – Home Secretary Amber Rudd is trashing peoples’ computing devices. I have been a political activist for many years. I’ve engaged in totally legal political commentary. That’s why … Continue reading

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Partial anatomy of a hack by GCHQ – It’s pwned

[5/2/15 I may have been mistaken about the running inside virtualization and that is probably normal livecd messages. There is still something amiss with the different ps axu(s) – it does at least make me very suspicious since I can’t … Continue reading

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This new total Cnut in charge of GCHQ

The new man in charge of GCHQ is happy to sit in my bedroom when I’m doing consensual wicked actds with my missus. That’s what he’s saying – You do not have a right to privacy and GCHQ has the … Continue reading

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MI5, MI6 and GCHQ ‘spied on lawyers’

MI5, MI6 and GCHQ ‘spied on lawyers’ British intelligence agencies have policies allowing staff to access confidential communications between lawyers and their clients, official documents have revealed. The guidance was disclosed for the first time at a tribunal which examines … Continue reading

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Message from the new head of GCHQ. Be afraid and embrace the new bullshitism So the new head of GCHQ says tech Oh this is all so much bolox The new Head of GCHQ is in charge of ~ of how does this work? ~ we’re not criminals listening to absolutely all communications … Continue reading

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