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The Government are using Brexit to weaken environmental protections

Green Party member of the House of Lords Jenny Jones writes at The UK government has lost in the courts time after time on issues like people’s right to clean air, clean waters and clean beaches. And now, guess what? The … Continue reading

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Statement on the Climate Crisis: Revised

The Earth’s climate is in crisis, it is an emergency. There is no doubt about it – scientists are in near unanimous agreement that humans are causing severe damage to Earth’s climate. This is our home and we have to care … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson: Disappointed at the size of your wife’s tits? Vote Tory

Boris Johnson’s misogyny It’s insulting that the Conservatives can only offer such a dishonest, arrogant, infantile and misogynist ^£$€ as their leader and prime minister of UK. In addition to the widespread recognition that truth is totally alien to him, … Continue reading

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Coming soon and more

Coming soon, hopefully in the next few days a state of the nation sort of post. Confessions of drug-taking from Conservative and prime ministerial candidates seems to have stopped. No “I have to take a small mountain of coke before … Continue reading

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Conservative party leadership (and therefore also prime minister) candidate Michael Gove has admitted taking Cocaine many years ago. Another candidate Rory Steward has admitted smoking Opium which is certainly my preference. Here’s a video for another Conservative prime minister candidate … Continue reading

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Theresa May announces resignation. I wonder what happens now

Theresa May has announced her resignation as Tory leader UK on June 7th to be replaced as prime minister as soon as the Tory party decides on her replacement. Theresa May became prime minister in unfortunate circumstances with UK divided … Continue reading

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Climate Change: It’s not business as usual, there’s no neglecting climate change any longer

This blog will be featuring the Climate Emergency, the catastrophy of Climate Change far more in future. While I have to get upto speed with the arguments, I find the arguments of the climate change deniers very weak. You can … Continue reading

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“This is the United Kingdom for God’s sake, not some third world banana republic where the organs of state are in hock to some sort of kleptocracy” The British government refused to assist a French investigation into suspected money laundering and tax fraud by the UK telecoms giant Lycamobile – citing the fact that the company is the “biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party” and … Continue reading

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Why US/UK/EU politicians are unfairly accusing Russia

Successful i.e. elected, Neo-Con politicians are unfairly accusing Russia of targetted murders, subverting democracy by interfering in elections using fake news and cyber espionage. The problem is that it is these Neo-Con shits that are subverting democracy and attempting a … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wisdom

Shall we try a Wednesday Wisdom series? Commentary and analysis of contemporary British politics. Priti Patel International Development Secretary Priti Patel has been having secret meetings with Israelis – including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – accompanied by Lord Polak, … Continue reading

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Cameron’s Pig Society :: Dodgy Banking, government supports tax evaders

I’ve been looking at Cameron, Osborne & Co’s record on tax evasion. Tax avoiders and evaders are ennobled and joining the government, ideological opponents to tax appointed to senior HMRC posts, etc. There’s certainly the appearance that Cameron, Osborne & … Continue reading

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