Bored with the election ‘rap?

It looks like I’ve done well and I shall have a fishy. I bet on the Lib Dem Tories doing badly – it was obvious, no?

[9/5/15 I won over 2500 sods betting on the ConDems doing badly. Wasn’t it obvious?}
[9/5/15 er, didn’t they get only one MEP in 2014. (I lost a lot of money then – I gambled on them getting zero. Made up for it now ++). BTW Muslims should not gamble or be gay. Isn’t that a bit awkward for the terrrism bullshit narrative?

The terrrism bullshit narrative belongs to terrrist politicians. These renewed politicians want it? I can do that. I can do full-on political activist again. I can do sustained that. I can do that if necessary. IDS, the disabled, my issues.

later in the early morning of 9/5/15 I’m searching for the words. Political opponents are political opponents. Please have respect for me as a formidable political opponent as opposed to anything more serious which is not warranted.

I would appreciate a sign.}

later:later 9/5/15 I have issues. They are not your issues although you may have to deal with them. They are serious issues. You have inherited them.

later:later:later A big problem is that it was so blatant and obvious, don’t you think?

So blatant and obvious, so blatant and obvious – almost like something has got to be done or happen. Looks like one shit inheritance …

Oh well here we go. You’ve got five years. I suggest you address these issues early beacause otherwise you’re going to have five+ years of it. [later:later:later You don’t want to get involved in this. Any prevarication could be [ed: will be] regarded as complicity. This is a big issue. Get away from it.]I would suggest that you should distance yourself from these / my issues. Sort them out, get it done XXX

Anyway, for all those bored with the election, here’s some distraction – the World’s fastest pram. Enjoy.

ed: Ed? that was a good distraction, eh?

His Jet bicycle is good

and the TukTuk

Have to watch the Faragists with this one ;)


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