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Climate Emergency: The rich have destroyed the planet

Climate change, the climate emergency or crisis is a fact. The poles are melting, sea levels are rising, seas are turning to acid, polar bears and penguins have nowhere to live. It’s taken repeated record temperatures and a little girl for it to be accepted such was the power of climate denial. Continue reading

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Just checking in

Just checking in. Brexit poll a week from today looks bad news if the opinion polls are accurate. Nigel “No more Mr. Nice Guy” Farage’s party of bigots and climate change enthusiasts may do well. Unfortunately he has the support … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Corbyn and the Planet

Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party and the Planet on the UK parliament passing Labour’s motion declaring a Climate Emergency. Jeremy Corbyn, Labour party leader said “Today we have seen something incredible, the UK parliament has passed Labour’s motion … Continue reading

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Climate Change: It’s not business as usual, there’s no neglecting climate change any longer

This blog will be featuring the Climate Emergency, the catastrophy of Climate Change far more in future. While I have to get upto speed with the arguments, I find the arguments of the climate change deniers very weak. You can … Continue reading

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In support of Extinction Rebellion and school student activists

In support of Extinction Rebellion and school student climate activists this blog is recognising a Climate Emergency. Climate Emergency … At the end of 2018, the UN Secretary General warned us: Humanity and life on Earth now face a ‘direct existential … Continue reading

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While I have your attention …

I’d like to know about the legal order that is applied to me. Super-injunction, hyper-injunction, DA-notice? WTF is it? It appears that there is a fantastically restrictive legal order in place e.g restricting divulging my name. How on Earth can … Continue reading

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Lions led by Donkeys

The campaign group Led by Donkeys has registered the Brexit Party url. Nobody is more responsible than Farage for the diminished state of our nation. Now he’s seeking to exploit the turmoil he himself created to get re-elected to Brussels … Continue reading

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Do not use his name is the wrong response

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed never to say the name of the Christchurch mosque gunman. This is an inappropriate response. Not using the name is a sign of respect reserved for gods. We’ve seen a similar response … Continue reading

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RAF deploys to Estonia

The RAF sets sail for Estonia Royal Air Force vehicles and supplies have sailed from Southampton to mark the start of a new RAF deployment to Estonia. The RAF mission, announced last year by the Secretary of State for Defence … Continue reading

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US bombers arrive at Airstrip One RAF Fairford

B-52s moved to RAF Fairford as US sends warning to Russia (paywall) A range of strategic aircraft has been deployed to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire The US has deployed its full range of strategic bombers to Britain for the first … Continue reading

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Can we boycott Richard Branson and everything Virgin?

Can we hit Richard Branson and everything Virgin for their role in attempting to usurp democracy in Venezuela? Branson held a live-aid themed concert in Columbia in support of Trump’s project to subvert democracy, start a war and steal oil … Continue reading

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Dizzy Deep’s Rough Guide to Imperial Currency

Brexiteers are overwhelmingly older while Remainers are overwhelmingly younger with the 50/50 or half (1/2) / half (1/2) split being at age 45 at the time of the Brexit referendum in 2016 so 47/48 now. Many Brexiteers are familiar with … Continue reading

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Jeremy Hunt warns that there’s “wind in the sails” of people trying to stop Brexit

Stop Brexit process could be in place within weeks, Jeremy Hunt declares … Speaking after Labour said it was still poised to back a ‘People’s Vote’, despite not pushing for one this week, Mr Hunt said “the wind is in the sails” … Continue reading

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Brexit referendum result turned on its head

The Brexit referendum result would be reversed if rerun today. Has There Been a Shift in Support for Brexit? Posted on 8 February 2019 by John Curtice Unsurprisingly, protagonists on all sides in the Brexit debate are keen to claim … Continue reading

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No-deal Brexit would plunge UK economy into recession – OECD A no-deal Brexit would plunge the UK economy into recession and annual growth will slip below 1% this year for this first time since the financial crisis even if a deal is secured, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and … Continue reading

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Dizzy Deep’s rough guide to factions in contemporary UK politics

A rough guide to factions in UK politics. Comments are welcome. This is my own work looking at the influences behind various UK politicians. You are welcome to disagree with any point. It should be recognised and accepted that some … Continue reading

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Brexit: It’s not only Chlorinated Chicken – they want you to eat shit

Brexit is all about deregulation so that vast swathes of laws and regulations can be torn up and burned. It’s for the rich and powerful to become more rich and powerful at the expense of everyone else. Dirty money and … Continue reading

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Spectacularly unsuccessful disgraced Neo-Con International Trade Secretary Liam Fox promised 40 trade deals would be ready for ‘one second after midnight’ on Brexit day. In March 2018 he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “We will have arrangements … Continue reading

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It’s Climate Change o’clock

It’s happened again. I was hoping to post no more politics, going hwylio to watch whales and Orcas while I’m still able to. I actually own my own super yacht. No, not a superyacht – she’s a cheap super classic … Continue reading

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