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Memo to Davros 3

I suggest that the real point is that Capitalism cannot possibly address the crisis of climate change and that therefore the Capitalists scum of which you are their representatives are redundant.

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Memo to Davros 2

I think that it’s widely accepted that Capitalism has caused global warming. Davros is considered to be the uber-Capitalists. We’re pretty pissed off with you.

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Memo to Davros

You are the representatives of Capitalist scum. We hold you responsible for climate change. Can we do anything other than stop you Capitalist bastards from destroying our planet? slightly later: Enough of the privilleged, inherited useless class of parasites. Fuck … Continue reading

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Climate Change

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New World Order

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Did we have an unnoticed revo?

Some of you may remember that I used to call at times for a revo. I’m wondering whether a great deal has been achieved, that ther may have ben an unnoticed, silent revo so that everything has actually changed. The … Continue reading

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Rooted rather obviously

My smartphone has been rooted rather obviously. Ring volume was turned off and didn’t want to be altered. Different statup sequence with options to enter bios and microcode on restart. A friend’s Debian laptop had the root password changed. Her … Continue reading

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  I’ve been visualising the contemporary UK political spectrum as a Wimpy Bender. A doughnut would have done but misses the greasy knarlyness of it all. That greasy, rough knurled-ringness. I’ve got a hard plastic knurled knob like that on … Continue reading

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What a revelation

I made clear that I was opposed to Hinkley C. No new nuclear can be permitted anywhere because of the nuclear waste pollution, particularly high-level waste. [ed: the point is that nuclear power is really nasty shit and hugely polluting … Continue reading

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Checking in

Just checking in and addressing a few diverse issues. I should really do the long promised Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) expo particularly since UK govt is to review the HHSRS scheme in the private rental sector … Continue reading

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Universal Credit forces people to use foodbanks

Universal Credit was is Iain Duncan Smith’s project to do away with many ‘legacy’ benefits for them to be replaced with one benefit. Affecting low-paid workers as well an non-workers, UC is a terrible mess and not fit for purpose. … Continue reading

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Theresa May lies, John McDonnell says Labour to dump Universal Credit

Theresa May lies claiming that austerity is over at her Rich Scum party speech.   Labour will scrap universal credit, John McDonnell declares “I think we are moving to a position now where it is just not sustainable. It will … Continue reading

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Let’s Dance and Enjoy and Celebrate Human Rights

Human Rights are great and deserve celebrating and dancing. Human rights are about treating people with respect and decency. Let’s celebrate them and dance.  

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The trouble is that I take it for granted. It’s clear to me, I understand it, the way it works. There is a small minority in charge – a priveliged elite – who keep it that way. Ignorance is ever … Continue reading

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Comment on Labour party anti-semitism allegations

I am not and have never been a Labour party member. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party are repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism. Many people recognise that these accusations are directed at Corbyn and the Labour party because Corbyn has traditionally … Continue reading

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NHS privatisation and Virgin

NHS privatisation soars as private companies win 70% of clinical contracts in England 30 December 2017 NHS spending on care provided by private companies has jumped by £700m to £3.1bn with non-NHS firms winning almost 70 per cent of tendered … Continue reading

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My landlord is a total asshole. I’ve changed the lock to keep him out but I had to leave builders here Thursday. My ‘personal’ disappeared last night and I have suspected him of coming in at 3 or 4am previously. … Continue reading

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Craig Murray is the authoritative source on UK complicity in rendition and torture Theresa May specifically and deliberately ruled out the Committee from questioning any official who might be placed at risk of criminal proceedings – see para 11 of the report. The determination of the government to protect those who were … Continue reading

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Intending to start properly blogging again

But, come on can’t you do it?   * Edit: There was a thing, no? A thing about … political assassinations, the assassination of a totally innocent bystander … Is that acceptable to you? Are you willing to let that … Continue reading

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