If I was born rich …

If I was born rich

I would have no idea

I would be rich

and would never be poor


I would never be homeless

or hungry and searching for food


It wasn’t me

who was crying

in Lidl


she couldn’t by food


[Yes I know someone who was crying in Lidl because she could’t afford food]

not even a packet of spagettti

[edit: I wasn’t there at the time. A packet of spagetti cost 20p or so perhaps 17p then. The checkout worker paid or made it up for her.)


I’ve been homeless

and lived in a van

Why should I do that?

Actually why should I have to be forced to do that for these rich cnuts?


To be poor, to have nothing …

The rich shits can never understand that

Teach them a lesson?

Yes, that’s what I said


These rich shits fall into jobs.  They absolutely have no idea

Let’s go then. No comprehension, no understanding. I fucking hate it that people are starving.

More than that: It is obscene that these bastards


denying poor people

medicine and health care

C’mon isn’t it clear?

No top-down reorganisation Cameron said. Well he said that

Clegg – let’s pretend not be a Conservative

what are you if not totally lying cnuts?

I’ve got it – You’re gentlemen.

That means that you’re deluded but still lying cnuts.

later: For my widespread or international audience: There is a tradition in English public (private) schools. There is a saying or idiom or precept or something “a gentleman can never lie”. What happens is that public (private) schoolboys – and of course later adults – do not realise that their perception has no relation to reality.

… they are taught to believe in themselves regardless of reality

… and I suggest that probably explains a great deal / a lot / your lot

They’ve been taught that they can lever (never) lie. Does that mean that whatever they say is true? Looks like.  F just F

Big F


This is weird. Gentlemen can’t lie? Wow. Can’t they still be hung for it?

Hung, drawn and quartered? Fricassed?

chopped into little bits and sautted?

fed to the pigs?

burned on a cross (he’d enjoy that)?

can we keep him in a pen somewhere and piss and shit on him?

it’s better than he deserves

I want to give you more:  I’ve found more. love you :

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Oh hold on a second …

is this where I

(kick ass) ?#

edit: there’s slightly less than a month to go.

Is it fun?

Looks like we shouldn’t take it that seriously.

I’ve gambled on it.

I want a boat.#

ed: I did get 3/1 now I’m getting 11/4

ed ed: 11/4 is good. I hope to buy a nice boat

What a shit is

that pretend Liberal




stated that he didnt


a National Health Service

well he said that in national pa

it is in papers


& orange ‘blue’ book


ed: He s more of a Tory than the Tories

ed: There is an issue here

If I am engaging in the political process – as I obviously am – I am sorry but I am a democrat and by definition not a terrorist.

If I campaign for votes in a democratic election, how can I not respect elections?


ed: The big serious issue here is that I have been regarded by police as a suspected terrorist. More pay attention.


The police – particularly The Met Pol under Bliar’s butler (although in truth it was a decade or more before then) declared that I was a potential terrorist.

If you can appreciate this, then you will be able to appreciate that it’s all bullshit.

I do. I recognise it as all total bullshit.


I was never educated in a private (public)  school to be a shit.

But I most certainly recognise it as total nonsense.

I fucking hate these bastards who think that they are so superior. Why? Because they are born rich?

I’d better point out to these ” that are born rich that you are not superior. Please understand that (and there may well be more to follow)


please see next post

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Clegg claims …

… to be not associated


Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan

or Cyril Smith

Smith the Man-RAP

Cyril Smith

who will he claim not to be associated nixt?


[I want it to be absolutely clear that is historical and absolutely not current]


edit: I am pulling attention to Clegg’s past associations. I do not intend to and I consider it unfair to extrapolate to his current associations.#

Further edit: In this context.

Further further edit: This post is about Nick Clegg being associated with Leon Brittan. Nick Clegg worked in Leon Brittan’s office. Nick Clegg has always been a Tory and was a member of Cambridge University Conservative Association.

Nick Clegg Leon Brittan

search now – it will probably change


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And I’m thinking

Well thank you very much

Now I’ll carry on with my life




I mean

I was a political blogger

that’s what I was about


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Nick Clegg, Leon Brittan, PIE, paedo

Nick Clegg, Leon Brittan, PIE, paedo …

Nick Clegg is very keen to not be associated with Leon Brittan … but didn’t he work in Leon Brittan’s office?

Is it more than Nick Clegg is a Conservative? I think that (it) is established – he was at (a Conservative at) University and there is the Blue ‘Yellow’  Orange Book.

Leon Brittan. I’m certainly forming the impression that She got a gang of very sexually predatory on young people around her deliberately. I am have also have a very strong impression (or more) that this continued into the Blair years and that it may well be the way of Westminster …

later: Leon Brittan is prominent in Barnes (and Private Eye ;)

Later: Leon Brittan – as Thatcher’s Home Secretary didn’t act against PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange. I don’t wonder why

edit: it may be worth thinking about how She protected them – there may be a pattern.

2am This may be about Nick Clegg and Leon Brittan.

Nick Clegg was a Tory at university and worked in Leon Brittans’ office afterwards. There’s more to it that that.

Nick Clegg hides the fact that he was a Tory and that he worked in the Tory office of Leon Brittan. Leon Brittan is very so obviously very suspect. FM just leave the kids alone.

Times have changed

er, but that’s no excuse for being a totally nasty bastard

Later: I am available to be employed as a consultant (conditions apply)

Later later: That’s a mistake, no? I did have a blanket last time I was in the cells – but shouldn’t everyone deserve a blanket without scabies and a cup of tea without pubes? Yes, even those protesters. Isn’t the point about democracy is that you can object? I think so. And I hate starting a sentence with and but lets consider the idea of democracy. [edit: I don’t think that makes sense but then it is nearing 3am and I am drunk.]

continuing .

We have general elections in UK every five years. The problem here is that they make promises, they are elected on the basis of those promises but they don’t then keep those promises.

For example, Cameron said no top down reorganisation of the NHS. He’s totally renaged on his pre-election promise / commitment there. I think that he lied. It’s for you to decide if he lied. But he did.

How are these people different from criminals?

3am The point about protesters/demonstrators is that everyone in a democratic society have and – I think – an absolute right to show their opposition to how they are governed. I think that this is central to a democracy – it’s more than that challenges should be heared and considered. It’s also about being denied any medium of expression apart from demonstrating.

I submit that demonstrations and protests should be facilitated in any democratic society and that it is a legitimate political expressions.

Further: I consider that demonstrations of all political persuasions (should be) are facilitated. Counter-demonstrations should have the same regard for their rights.

edit: I suggest that political expression of all sorts should be facilitated in a democratic society. That includes protest/demonstration and counter protest/demonstration

edit: This post was originally about Nick Clegg and his being a Tory from his University days, and that he served as a Tory in Leon Brittan’s office in URUP (Europe). It should be known that Nick Clegg was a Tory and worked in Leon Brittan’s office but he’s pretending otherwise. That’s a matter of fact that Nick Clegg is hiding.

This post has gone beyond that as they do on my blog. I suggest and submit that the political system in UK should facilitate demonstrations of discontent and such demonstrations should be regarded as an integral part of UK’s democratic system. I submit that protest is a part of any democratic society. It’s a shame and probably to their detriment that governments ignore protests.

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Waite said

Waite said that “magicians are born”

29/01/14 Article edited

30/01/14 edit: I think that it’s born but also much more than that

later edit: It relates to the nature-nurture debate. Perhaps in this case it relates to the nature – non-nurture debate. Being feral?

A feral child?


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Judge mental

Image of Daily Mail frontpageI appeared at Magistrates court today and had a farcical rather than the fair hearing that I have a right to (in theory). I was there for doing 35mph in a 30mph limit having been caught by a LTI 20-20 1000 laser camera.

The most unfair aspect was that the video disclosed to me (late) was different to the video used at court. My version pauses and then repeats 4 seconds. It doesn’t repeat in this version says the Magistrate. I’ve prepared my defence on the basis of the evidence disclosed to me I said. The equipment is not working properly I said. Yes it is she says. Then I raised the principle that the evidence should be preserved so what I got was the same. That went straight over.

The copper was allowed to evade questions and mislead on the slip effect. You couldn’t read the registration plate because the camera is shaking so much. It’s if you pan the camera across a stationary object you get slip effect not from a shaky camera the copper says. I suppose he’s got to believe that because otherwise he’s nailing innocent motorists which he is.

The CPS prosecutor’s question were very poor and she’s been trained apparently.

I didn’t say this in court of course. I know that I wasn’t speeding when clocked because I was accelerating and only doing 35mph 50 metres later when I saw the van.

Road Traffic Act 1991 s23(8) dismissed by the Magistrate. She offers me an adjournment – that’s how prejudged it was. She didn’t even refer it to the clerk.

There wasn’t even a pretence at a fair trial. £205 quid lighter.

28/01/14 Well I can obviously afford 205 squid if anyone wants to go for it. I was thinking that I should just bow out because your justice is obviously for those who can afford it. I’m not asking for pb but expenses – no, real expenses and quite a few drinks – paid for.


ACPO Code of Practice for Operational use 
of Enforcement Equipment


… It is imperative that the procedures set out in this Manual are applied scrupulously – each link in the evidential chain is of importance, and upon its careful application lays the integrity of the Police Service.

Code of practice for operational use of enforcement equipment
14. Laser/Optical Speedmeters

14.2 Hand-held

The hand-held device functions by emitting pulses of infrared laser beams, which are targeted at the vehicle whose speed is being measured. Measurement of speed is performed by aiming the device at the target vehicle in the area around the registration plate and where necessary pressing the trigger or button.  It is important that the beam is held steady on the target area to avoid any ‘slip factor’. …

As I said, it’s not possible to read my number plate because the camera was shaking so much …

Image of LTI 20-20 slip effect

2/11/14 This was totally ridiculous. If I had a fair trial there would have been no way that I was guilty.

I didn’t have a fair trial because I wasn’t able or willing to pay £450 for someone to represent me. That’s how it works. That’s how UK justice works. This is just a small inconsequential example. I was innocent but if you have vast amounts of money then you’re innocent by default.

[I’ve looked at the video film. It’s very clear that I should not have been found guilty on the basis that the prosecution must prove that I was guilty. The evidence does not support that. My case is not important to the rest of the argument.]

In UK you have voluntary magistrates and magistrates that take a salary. Who are these voluntary magistrates going to be other than comfortably rich people who don’t need to earn a living?

And isn’t that a bit skewed? That these people who don’t have to earn a living – because they are comfortably having money without earning it – are judging their monetary-challenged inferiors without ever having the experience of being skint or worrying about having shelter from the elements?

That’s not right and needs to be changed. I want more.

But also: Who are these paid for magistrates cos they seem to be total stihs too.


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