A few issues

I would point out that it is a legitimate political perspective – although expressed rather directly – to object to upper-class twats having political power. It is actually totally logical to believe that rich twats who have been born rich and have attended public schools (actually private private schools with ridiculously expensive fees that only the filthy rich can afford) are so ignorant that they are effectively alien from reality.

I need to finish THE STATE WE’RE IN short series although it hardly needs to be said. The main point is that business as usual is unsustainable. How is that so difficult to understand? There is a climate emergency, a crisis. We can’t carry on in the same way. It’s not enough to issue platitudes and carry on regardless. That’s going to kill the planet.

Jeremy Corbyn is annoyed that civil servants have been briefing against him. I am also pissed off with civil servants acting in a partisan way. I understand that Nosey Parker’s job is to be a fking nosey parker. I don’ t agree that he and his gang should be taking such an interest in me but I think that it’s totally unjust that the blond upper-class twat gets to know my business.

[8/7/19 Hey Nosey Parker, I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m getting better at it (although I might have been pretty good when that fat-arsed Home Secretary was moaning about OpenBSD? What was that acronym I used? Something about him being a fat b’stard?)

I was looking forward to open-source mobile devices. Not sure that it will happen now. C’mon, open-source mobile devices please, that would be great.

[8/7/19 later. I really enjoyed that one Hey Charlie, I’ve got a preacher of hate for you …. ;)

[I remember now. It was SIUYBFA.

Can we get those c’nuts locked up? Those New-Labour evil shits? Reid, Blunkett, Clarke, Ian Blair, Tonee Blair, et al. There is cabinet responsibility so that they’re all guilty

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