I mean …

If I was to nudge Blunkett in front of a train

I mean just an inperceptible nudge that would be allright wouldn’t it?

I mean there is a difference between terrorism and giving a politician a smack, surely?

Don’t politicians who deserve a smack deserve a smack?

OK. Politicians ore c***s.

If they’re

1. Don’t they deserve a smack?

2. Why should they be protected?

All these cnut politicians, I DESERVE to give them a smack and stamp on their balls and throats. Well I do. Blair, Straw, Reid, Blunkett, that other fat 2 dinners cnut,

[ed: I apologise. I should not be fatist so please read that as the 2 dinners cnut]

They deserve no less than me to stamp on their balls. I have had hobnail boots in the past. I’m sure I can get some on ebay.

ed: They gave me so much siht. They had power. Isn’t it fair that I smack them now? cnuts

Can I be allowed to do it in person? Can I have that we look the other way? Please let me.

Ridiculous asking really. Justice is Justice.

In the same way that I can’t make any complaint to the police about Ian Blair …

then surely … it’s only fair … if the police are not interested …

it looks like the police are not interested

13/9/15 John Reid.

er. What about John Reid? Why did he FO?

ed: Charles Clarke?

I want Ian Blair prosecuted or …


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