I do tend to think that these people who tried to have me killed as a suspected terrorist deserve to have the mirror turned on them. I did have a mirror held high.


Er, I’d better not forget Alastair Campbell.  Named

I curse you all. Not forgetting that later Home Secretary. I curse you. I curse you to tormented lives.

It would be good if the Blairs couldn’t live with themselves. It would be good if they ‘suicided’ themselves.


Actually, I am so pissed off that Jean Charles de Menezes has been killed in my place.

JC dM points at me. Oh stick it up your arse pretend secrecy.

Pretend Aggripa

Oh Fuck Off pretend tube expolosions 7 July 2005

Fuck Off

edit: OK I’m fed up with this – it’s got to change

They are going to be held responsible

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. Named

John Reid. Named

Jaqui Smith. Named

Charles Clarke. Named

David Blunkett. Named

[22/3/15: I can make this easy. The cabinet shares responsibility – they are all jointly and severally responsible. Shall we say all cabinet members from Sept 2002 to the end of Brown’s government? Blunkett, Reid, Straw particularly piss me off though]

Who are these paedos going to be? I reckon it’s going to be all of Bliar’s cabinet.


One of Blair’s minister’s in Lambeth. Blair? Falconer? Who?

[22/3/15: I know of one paedo from Blair’s cabinet for certain. I also strongly suspect Blair himself based on his history. Having said that I really would not be surprised if they all were. This story of one of Blair’s minister’s supporting a Lambeth Southwark paedo childrens’ care home worker’s (manager / caretaker?)  attempts to adopt children sounds like the sort of blatant total disregard for the law and untouchable air of Blair himself. ]


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