If you’ve got nothing better to do, you could try Black Mirror se1e02.

There’s a pedalling the treadmill analogy (simily / reality)

There’s dissidence and confronting a totalitarian media-centric (can be described as media-controlled or even totally media-dominated or propagandised) regime.

I’ve yet to see – in my own experience (although I have definitely seen it others) – the policy and strategy of subsuming dissidents into the state so that they have comfortable existence as part of the state apparatus. Maybe is just me. Praps I’m not old enough. Do you get more siht as you get older? Praps I should just pull my finger out and give this shower the same as that previous shower of .? ed I should shouldn’t I. Is clear that they are very nasty Neo-Con/Neo-Liberals (I was only thinking of the not ashamed to be Tories Tories, never mind these Tories who are pretending to be not Tory Liberal-Democrats. To confuse it further there are the Labour and Co-operative Party Tories like Ed Balls. We need Socialists and that looks like the Greens.

ed: The trouble is that the three main parties are totally indistinguishable and then there’s UPUK pretending not to be right-wing scum with their bloke in the pub attractions -let’s vote for the pissed bigoted bloke in the pub. Looks like it’s all up for grabs.

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