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New Year’s Message: We need to stop the destroyers of our planet

It’s getting desperate and urgent. Our climate is getting destroyed, countless species are becoming extinct while politicians cling to the system that is destroying our planet, reproducing and accelerating that senseless destruction. We have a good idea who they are … Continue reading

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Within Decade, Planet’s Natural World Facing Largest Mass Extinction Event Since Dinosaurs

Latest analysis by World Wildlife Fund warns humanity—possible “victim of it own lifestyle”—might ultimately be added to list of threatened species. JULIA CONLEY December 30, 2021 Increasingly dire ecological damage and severe impacts of the climate crisis are pushing the natural … Continue reading

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It Is ‘Strange,’ Says Greta Thunberg, That Biden Is Seen as a Climate Leader

“The U.S. is actually expanding fossil fuel infrastructure,” the 18-year-old Swedish climate activist said in a new interview. JAKE JOHNSON December 28, 2021 In an interview published in The Washington Post Magazine on Monday, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said it is “strange” that some consider U.S. President … Continue reading

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UK Government’s Plan to become untouchable

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UK Tory government intends to criminalise the fundamental democratic right to protest

5 WAYS THE GOVERNMENT’S POLICING BILL JUST WENT FROM BAD TO WORSE Jun Pang – Policy and Campaigns Officer on 02 Dec 2021 at Liberty … Not content with the already draconian powers in the [Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts] … Continue reading

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About me

I have historically been a very private person so here’s a little – actually a lot and perhaps too much – about me as a special treat to my valued readership. I was born in 1964. My parents and my … Continue reading

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Priti Patel news

UK Murdoch Home Secretary Priti Patel appears in recent news items. Priti Patel’s new powers to remove citizenship would turn ethnic minority Brits into second-class citizens Consider the following example, because it’s about to come true. Someone has been a … Continue reading

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