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Climate Crisis: Ocean Layer Mixing has slowed 6 times Faster than Scientists Feared, Endangering Sea Life

The ocean is becoming more stable – here’s why that might not be a good thing Phil Hosegood, University of Plymouth If you’ve ever been seasick, “stable” may be the last word you associate with the ocean. But as global … Continue reading

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Seriously ugly: here’s how Australia will look if the world heats by 3°C this century

Shutterstock Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, The University of Queensland and Lesley Hughes, Macquarie University Imagine, for a moment, a different kind of Australia. One where bushfires on the catastrophic scale of Black Summer happen almost every year. One where 50℃ days in … Continue reading

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Tax the Rich

I’ve said before something along the lines that the filthy, stinking rich will not notice and they won’t. 55 US Corporate Giants Paid $0 in Federal Taxes in 2020 Thanks to ‘Gaping’ Loopholes “If you paid $120 for a pair … Continue reading

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