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Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft gets lucrative chumocracy contract A healthcare company ultimately controlled by leading Tory donor and former party chairman, Lord Ashcroft, has received a £350m contract as part of the government’s COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, openDemocracy has learned. Last month the Department of Health and Social … Continue reading

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Memo to President Biden and Vice-President Harris

I congratulate President Bident and Vice-President Harris on becoming president and vice-president and I sincerely wish you well.

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It’s not black and white

A few music vids. Although I have dedicated these to some abbreviated names, I don’t want to exclude anyone & these are for all who believe that they deserve them. They are also for everyone to enjoy and perhaps reflect. … Continue reading

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UK govt attributing blame for Covid-19 on the general public

Nishat Siddiqi is a consultant cardiologist based in South Wales. He discusses the UK government under Boris Johnson’s lamentable response to the Coronavirus crisis. Boris ‘the falaffel’ Johnson neglected to attend 5 consecutive Cobra meetings addressing the UK’s response to … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and pedophile (paedophile) Jeffrey Epstein

Paedophile is the UK English spelling of US pedophile. It may be a little surprising what you find if you search the internet better for this … Donald Trump and paedophile / pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Donald Trump and paedophile / … Continue reading

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Regarding Trump

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Memo to Resident Trump: You’re fired

Well. it wasn’t me who fired you, it was the US electorate. I would like to add, however, that you are a total useless corrupt shit. ed: Actually, it’s worse than that. The World would have been a much better … Continue reading

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Youth Activists Ring In 2021 With Renewed Demand That World ‘Wake Up to the Climate Crisis’

Published on Friday, January 01, 2021 by Common Dreams “It must be the year we take real action instead of continuing to repeat meaningless words and empty promises.”byAndrea Germanos, staff writer Activists with “Fridays for Future” display a prop demanding … Continue reading

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