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Apologies that I’m delayed …

I’m working on it but finding the issue of Coronavirus UK overwhelming tbh I’ve found it difficult to unravel UK government’s response although it appears to be deficient. Working on it …

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Coronavirus UK: Background

Suggested background for you to watch or not.

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Coming soon: Coronavirus UK

Coronavirus UK is a big issue so there will be a series of posts. I intend to explain in some detail why UK is pursuing it’s current course (essentially the NHS is totally overwhelmed so the purpose is to reduce … Continue reading

Posted in Boris Johnson, NHS, politics | Tagged , , , , , | Leave a comment (Reuters) – An Apple Inc shareholder proposal critical of the company’s app removals in China received a relatively high level of support at the iPhone maker’s annual meeting on Wednesday, enough to push the company to respond, experts said. … Continue reading

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