We are in transition to a new World order

We are in a period of transition

to a new World order

i.e. from the Old to the New (or at least to the revised) [ed: Hopefully not revised. We need a new World order to replace these shits that have destroyed Our World for wealth).

and we should shape this new World

in our image

I suggest

that Human Rights and Nature

are paramount.

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Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch …

https://www.nytimes.com/2003/04/07/business/media-mr-murdoch-s-war.html April 7, 2003

… In the last several months, the editorial policies of almost all his English-language news organizations have hewn very closely to Mr. Murdoch’s own stridently hawkish political views, making his voice among the loudest in the Anglophone world in the international debate over the American-led war with Iraq.

Mr. Murdoch, however, plays down his personal role in the unanimous views of his papers, explaining that he no longer has the time to dispense day-to-day instructions to his editors or producers. ”I think that all our papers are certainly supportive of the armed forces,” Mr. Murdoch said in an interview last week, ”But that is not me calling the editors.”

Still, he has made no secret of his opinions. ”We can’t back down now, where you hand over the whole of the Middle East to Saddam,” Mr. Murdoch told the Bulletin, an Australian magazine, in February. ”Bush is acting very morally, very correctly,” he said. ”The greatest thing to come of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country.”

Boris Johnson welcomes ‘benevolent’ Murdoch and News UK to London Bridge September 17, 2014

[Boris ‘Alien’ Johnson] called The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun and The Sun on Sunday, “the four constituent parts of the oldest and most successful union in the history of Fleet Street”. The Tory Mayor went on to praise News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch as a “wise, benevolent, and far-sighted monarchical figure”...


Boris Johnson saw Rupert Murdoch for a “social meeting” on the day he signalled his intention to seek a general election last year, according to new transparency disclosures.

Johnson saw the media billionaire on 2 September, the day when Downing Street briefed that he would be seeking an autumn election if his Brexit plans were thwarted. In the event the election was pushed back to December.

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Boris the worse that useless Boris

It’s bash the liar Boris Johnson time again.


It’s uncertain who paid for Boris and Carrie’s Mustique holiday. Boris has declared it was paid for by Carphone Warehouse boss David Ross. Applying my maxim that Boris ‘Alien’ Liar is totally alien to the truth and that instead you would be closer to the truth by accepting the opposite of anything and everything he says, he’s lying (and optionally that he has acid for blood and can survive molten lead). Ross said that was wrong and that he hadn’t paid for it, then said that it was sort of right because he had arranged it. So basically, we don’t know who paid for it. My guess is that Murdoch paid for it as a reward for BJ being such a recompensating thrall.

I realise that it’s strange to regard Bully Boy Johnson as a serf or thrall. The way it works is that our place is pretty low but it’s all relative and despite Boris being privileged it doesn’t really count compared to Maggie’s bstard Murdoch. Murdoch was facilitated by Thatcher – do your own research, disprove me if you can. We see that we are repeatedly fekked over by useless, incompetent Tory sihts.

While we’re on the topic of social stratification, that’s when racism and misogyny step on to play their part. It’s part of the BS spewed up by Murdoch’s news empire, part of the BS ideology by which the 1% – or even the 1% of the 1% – retain their power and privilege. Through racism and misogyny even nasty, misogynist racist xenophobic ignoramuses can believe that they’re better – have higher status – than others. Murdoch even employs them in prominent political positions to do his bidding.

Moving on Corbyn criticised BJ for deporting black people – that Murdoch xenophobia agenda again.

Boris the Alien is very keen on huge ridiculous technological ventures. He’s proposing a useless bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland. He’s unhinged. Actually, I think that he’s an alcoholic.


Johnson has long been an enthusiast for major infrastructure projects, but his visions only sometimes become reality, and those which do have had a tendency to not fully deliver on his promises.

As London mayor, Johnson pushed repeatedly for the garden bridge across the Thames, despite repeated warnings about its economic unfeasibility and the complication of securing planning consents, wasting £53.5m of funds, £43m of it taxpayers’ money.

An even more ambitious idea for a new London airport in the Thames estuary came to nothing. As mayor, Johnson did deliver a £60m cable car across the Thames in east London, but a supposed key transport link later turned out to have just four regular users.

More expensive still was Johnson’s plan for a “new Routemaster” bus for the city, allowing passengers to hop on and off open platforms.

Transport for London paid more than £280m for a fleet of the buses which turned out to be baking hot in the summer, with the doors kept closed for safety reasons, and were unable to be sold to any other cities.

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Sunday Review

Boris ‘Alien’ Johnson(*1) has been lying again about post-Brexit food standards. Liam Fox has also been lying about them.


... In a speech setting out his goals for trade after Brexit, the prime minister said the UK would not accept a “diminution of standards” on food hygiene or animal welfare as a result of a deal with the US.

He also said Britain would be “governed by science, not mumbo-jumbo” when looking at whether imported food was acceptable for consumption in the UK. Johnson criticised “America bashers” who take a “hysterical” attitude towards US food and view it as “inferior”. …

Here are those lesser US food standards which the Alien claims are mumbo-jumbo: https://www.fda.gov/food/ingredients-additives-gras-packaging-guidance-documents-regulatory-information/food-defect-levels-handbook. Try searching that document for ‘excreta’ – my browser found 79 matches. For example, Cocoa Beans … Mammalian excreta … Average of 10 mg or more mammalian excreta per pound. Boris literally wants you to eat US siht.

It appears that computer security / privacy is now historical. Looking into the isues I’ve had, modern puters have co-processors for use by manufacturers and / or three-letter government agencies. They have a direct route into these puters and are able to evade firewalls, etc. (It’s ring -2 and -3 code for geeks).

Congratulations to Sinn Fein on their Irish election results. [Their history is exactly that and they are now a legitimate left-wing party.]

Insect-filled chocolates, rat hair noodles, and maggoty orange juice: The reality of a Brexit trade deal with Trump

*1 You have a choice: 1. The one thing that sets Boris Johnson apart is that he is a totally unashamed lying cnut. Telling the truth is totally alien to him. You would be closer to the truth by simply accepting the direct opposite of anything and everything he says. 2. Boris Johnson is a very nasty, incredibly resilient alien with acid for blood who can survive molten lead. 3. 1 and 2.

Apologies that I didn’t have much time to prepare this post. I’m otherwise busy.

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I apologise

Probably about a year ago I did a post about being climate change time. I did mention it in my posts about twenty or thirty years earlier. The Capitalists e.g. Shell Oil and Exxon knew about it in the 60s and 70s and f***ed the World regardless so that they were rich and comfortable.

I’m retiring from political activism. I’ve done enough. It’s your fight.

I’m still going to have a go at those total a. oles Boris and Trump but I don’t regard it as my fight any more.

TBH, I don’t want to tell you about my assessment …

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On a personal note …

I really don’t like doing personal but here we go

I am distracted trying to develop a career to pay vast amounts of taxes …

[ed: but I’ll try to do one post a week – possibly on a Sunday ]

I’m in semi-retirement from blogging. I would hope that there is an army of angry bloggers out there angrily blogging …

I need to slag off Boris more. He’s such an a…..e(US) a……e(UK). I hope that you realise that he’s going for a no-deal Brexit. All that BS about about US food standards? It’s a matter of record, it’s documented that US food standards are far lower than EU standards. Boris will literally have you eating (US) siht.

As well as that, I’ve got a plan to displace a dominant search engine cos it’s siht. So if you want to help me, help me. [ed: possibly years ahead, but I’ve got a good plan).

*on a more personal, personal note …

to M & H, cos I know you follow this blog, best wishes and keep your chin up Gingernuts ;)

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