Coming Soon: Internationalist Revolutionary Socialism

We need Internationalist Revolutionary Socialism to address the Climate Crisis.

Capitalism is responsible for destroying our planet, our home.

Internationalism: We respect all peoples.

Revolutionary: We replace those in power.

Socialism: Respect for people.

ed: Revolutionary: It is revolutionary to depose Capitalists. We replace Capitalists with Socialists. This can be done democratically through elections, the ballot box. We have to do it now without delay. Vote Socialist, depose the Capitalists.

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Further Memo to Davos

Space tourism is vetoed.

Addendum: What I’m saying there is that commercial space travel is not tolerated. Additionally, space exploration e.g. that proposed by Trump is also not tolerated.

The issue of the climate crisis needs to be addressed seriously. It is a crisis which needs to be addressed urgently.

We have to do all that we can to save our planet and mitigate the effects that are happening.

Addressed particularly to Davos: You are held responsible for the destrucion of the planet because you are in charge and therefore responsible. I am not stating my perspective explicitly but I expect that it is understood.

ed: Maybe I was stating it explicitly. To clear confusion, Davos are the not only the 1%ers but the 0.01%ers or even the 0.001%ers.

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Memo to Davos: You are held responsible for destroying our planet

Davos, You’re not used to people talking to you like this because you are so filthy rich. Because you are the richest b’stards in the World, you are in charge. I fully appreciate that you’re so f’cking rich that you rule the World.

Please understand that many people are hugely annoyed with you destroying our Planet.


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I can often tell when I’m pwned …

Even with this new to me system significantly longer to boot suggests remote debugging. It also explains why I’ve got significantly better internet access than I’m paying for …

[23/1/20 It’s more than simply delay. I’m using an OS that isn’t designed to hide the details from you. It’s like walking in treacle, that the machine is unresponsive often taking far longer than it should to perform tasks. Using a liveusb with a similar configuration – recent deb, same l/w desktop – is much quicker and more responsive (which suggests a misconfiguration actually). I’m getting a fw not recognised message to the b.blob (no network then && might try to jump that) and surprised that swap is used at less than half ram even with swappiness true. Will try to dig down. Could do with some advice how to identify a debugger running & which one or style is likely. On a slow network, slower than slow BB speed which suggests a remote lag.

24/1/20 Noticeably better now and metrics confirm e.g. less use of memory and swap. I hope that it’s not only because it’s Friday evening (spook off for the weekend).

28/1/20 Surprised at finding so many nasties from a little digging:

tracefs /sys/kernel/debug/tracing tracefs rw,relatime 0 0

cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on 

cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/set_ftrace_filter 
#### all functions enabled ####

irqbypass              16384  1 kvm

mei                   118784  3 mei_wdt,mei_me    [NB 1 + 1 == 3]

tracing, mei & kvm??? kvm – sluggish because there’s a memory hogging os as vm? [ed: would explain swapping at less than half RAM use with swappiness ‘true’.] Need to learn some.]

all of a sudden like.

ed: Shields up Captain ;)

A simple puzzle for you ;) Ii got won random o ;)

12/2/20 Weirdness

It’s pointless me wiping and re-installing when I don’t know what the problem is – it will probably just happen again. I’m also close to the belief that there is no such thing as privacy / computer security any more and I don’t have anything interesting and only slightly illegal (BT filesharing, a few computer books and Alien videos) on this machine. I use long passwords. I used to write about the goal of full spectrum dominance and it would appear that it may have been achieved.

It’s an old T410, i5 with 4GB. 4GB is plenty to run Buster and 2 should do. I’ve not really investigated deeply because I’m otherwise busy.

Initially I was finding that memory wasn’t available so that swap was used near 2gig despite swappiness set to ‘true’. I suspected and still suspect a hostile guest OS, a big one since it’s using 2gig.

stress –cpu 8 –io 4 –vm 32 –vm-bytes 128M –timeout 30s

causes swap to be filled but then it stays full. swapoff causes swap to be emptied very slowly but it is then transferred to ram.

I appear to be using too much bandwidth so that may be something to watch.


RAM slot 0 must be populated and powered on for the firmware to run.

I’m glad that it’s all so automated and that they probably don’t know what they’re doing (or must simply follow orders). Love ;)

16/2/20 I don’t know what I’m doing either tbh – that’s why I’m learning. I’m finding it very difficult to nail down (secure) Buster. It seems far too complex and poorly-documented and would much prefer a secure desktop by default. [ed: I suppose I should say securer, of course].

31/3/20 Edited sysctl.conf as a normal user and did it, file permissions were correct.

31/3/20 10 min later. In my circumstance I think that it’s I can but try …

later: ;)

1/4/20 When I collected my broadband router I noticed that the box had been opened and that the shrinkwrap [later: packaging was a bubble bag secured by a sticky label, not shrinkwrap] was also disturbed – I’m not going not miss details like that. Traceroute shows some ntl account in Bromley instead of AZTW->M4 – is there a GCHQ, MI5 or Airstrip 1 base in Bromley?

It’s almost – but not actually – like feeling how your devices behave. It’s actually paying attention to how your devices behave so that e.g. your cheap kitchen scales need a button pressed to adjust to zero once you’ve put your bread machine pan on them. If all of a sudden you don’t need to press that button, then you know that Q has has fecked up …

Anyone want to buy these scales? I’ll put them on ebay

27/5/20 I think that the scales were [might be] a mistake [by me].

27/5/20 My internet access is censored, appears to be at dns. [later: I wanted to report my bike stolen to my local stolen bikes (don’ [apostraphe]t you know where it is?) blog but fm that’s not part of the interdump. [later: my local city stolen bikes blog. Wasn’t much of a bike but I loved it – rigid aluminum frame mountain bike with steel forks with brand new big apples. Three guys jumped me on the cycle path. it tickles me that the front derailleur doesn’t work properly so that they’ll be lucky to get £20 for it. Shame I didn’t get a chance to give them a proper smack.

Rockrider 5.2 dark grey with brand new big apples [tyres]. My bike.

later: Be warned that I’ve learned from this that I should not restrain myself …

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The Government are using Brexit to weaken environmental protections

Green Party member of the House of Lords Jenny Jones writes at

The UK government has lost in the courts time after time on issues like people’s right to clean air, clean waters and clean beaches. And now, guess what? The Government wants to use the EU Withdrawal Bill to give Ministers the power to set aside those EU related court defeats.

Theresa May’s government said they would retain existing EU case law that was in place when we left the EU. If changes needed to be made then Parliament would go through the process of fresh legislation and public scrutiny. But Boris Johnson’s Government want to exchange that legal certainty for a process of Ministerial diktat. They claim that the senior judiciary will be consulted on any changes before they happen, but the members of the senior judiciary in the House of Lords have expressed deep unhappiness with scrapping EU case law and want it retained so courts can refer to the judgements instead of the painful option of starting all over again.

This is about deregulation. The United Kingdom became a member of the EU in 1973. Since then UK law has developed in tandem with EU law – not dictated by the EU but having regard for EU laws and treaties. Boris & Co want to abandon all the development of law since then and return to the 70s. We had filthy, polluted rivers then and raw sewage on beaches.

It won’t only be about abandoning environmental protections. Jenny Jones’s article continues to discuss workers’ rights. For example abandoning EU case law will effect the paid holidays that we have become accustomed to. The Tories are really not keen on human rights… Then there are food safety standards – US food safety standards are abysmal compared to EU safety standards – they want you to eat siht.

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Brexit – Let’s kill the Tory party

Looks like Boris and his Tory party are going to “get Brexit done”. Expect higher prices and eating siht for decades. It’s only rich scum that will benefit from Brexit.

The Brexit campaign was a dirty campaign full of lies fuelled by dirty money. Ignorant people have been persuaded to act directly against their own interests. While younger people are hugely against Brexit, they are the ones who will be forced to pay for and endure it.

Let’s hurt the Tory party for all this. they are the ones who are responsible. Let’s try to kill the Tory party so that they are never elected to government again.

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