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Climate Change: It’s not business as usual, there’s no neglecting climate change any longer

This blog will be featuring the Climate Emergency, the catastrophy of Climate Change far more in future. While I have to get upto speed with the arguments, I find the arguments of the climate change deniers very weak. You can … Continue reading

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In support of Extinction Rebellion and school student activists

In support of Extinction Rebellion and school student climate activists this blog is recognising a Climate Emergency. Climate Emergency … At the end of 2018, the UN Secretary General warned us: Humanity and life on Earth now face a ‘direct existential … Continue reading

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While I have your attention …

I’d like to know about the legal order that is applied to me. Super-injunction, hyper-injunction, DA-notice? WTF is it? It appears that there is a fantastically restrictive legal order in place e.g restricting divulging my name. How on Earth can … Continue reading

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Lions led by Donkeys

The campaign group Led by Donkeys has registered the Brexit Party url. Nobody is more responsible than Farage for the diminished state of our nation. Now he’s seeking to exploit the turmoil he himself created to get re-elected to Brussels … Continue reading

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