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Reinstalling Debian woes

This is a geeky post which is unlikely to be interesting or even understandable to anyone other than those familiar with Debian Linux or similar systems. I managed to trash my Debian system just recently. The /root partition was too … Continue reading

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I need to do a series on Israel and Palestine because that is so important in contemporary politics

An iron fist hides the shining star The gun’s dark black shadow over Bethlehem The shadow over the streets of Palestine are so dark They build walls and shut roads … Despite this evil There are those that know that … Continue reading

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Computer Security: Why Yahoo email surveillance is a big deal

Reuters reported yesterday that Yahoo had actioned a secret dictate by a US security agency to search all it’s customers’ incoming emails. A small excerpt of Reuters report “… Yahoo in 2007 had fought a FISA demand that it conduct … Continue reading

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The Nonsense of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

Dr. Ian Fairlie The Nonsense of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Many readers will have seen the interesting Panorama programme on the poor safety record at Sellafield broadcast on BBC 1 on September 5 The BBC press release stated this was … Continue reading

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I am not a member of the Labour Party or the Momentum organisation. I am an independent blogger and that’s it. Complaints of anti-Corbynism are accepted in the comments.  

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