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Dumping Radiactive Waste UK & Europe

by National Geographic

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C’mon. All aboard, All Adoard: Calling all disenfranchised Socialists

All Aboard, All Aboard. Disenfranchised Socialists. Disenfranchised Socialists. You are disenfranchised because you have nobody to vote for. It’s not my place to say this – you are so totally aware of it. All aboard. All Aboard. Together we are … Continue reading

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Philip Greed, BHS and Lionheart

Philip Green actually owns three yachts – the new Lionheart at 90 metres, the 63 metre previous Lionheart renamed Lionheart V and a 33 meter fast sports yacht called Lionchase. Tax evader [ed: avoider. Oops, sorry so easy to make … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn vs Richard Branson, corporate media & many chickencoup MPs

Don’t forget to holiday at Necker Island sourced

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Hinkley Point C

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn should be commended in opposing and Prime Minister Theresa May should be commended in showing caution and wisdom in the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. There are so many causes for concern … Continue reading

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Hey Russell Brand, watching your movie

and really enjoying it. I think it’s great. Only about 1/3 way through yet. Up yer bum ed: Still going. Enjoying it ed: Good fillum mate. She just died ed: The end was crap but then you can’t please anyone … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn seems to be doing fine …

My analysis is that the disenfranchised – through being denied the ability to vote for anybody that represented their interests – are no longer disenfranchised. I suggest that the claims that a Corbyn government is unelectable is very seriously challenged. … Continue reading

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It’s not anti-Semitic …

to recognise that Israel subjects Palestinian children to cruel and degrading treatment  

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