Aren’t these Labour MPs right-winghers? right-whingers?

I’m contemplating a compare and contrast …

A brick through your office window …

It’s hardly like you were persecuted is it? I can do a huge contrast here

A brick through your office window. You’re really not MP material, are you?

I can beat that one thousand times

He threatened to talk to my dad …

You’re not really MP material, are you?

ed: Please, more of your ridiculous whinging. It’s really entertaining that you’re really so precious. Oh, right-whingers it must be so difficult. Do you feint? It must be soo distressing for you, such gentle things.


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Tony Blair. pretender

Tony Blair may have been elected Prime Minister but he assumed a crown that was not his.

I campaigned against Bliar in his illegitimate and falsified USUK war against Iraq. Tonee claimed illegitimate authority and I opposed him.

I was wiped from police records – it was as if I didn’t exist. Hmm.

Any policeman who made enquiries about me got a visit from MI5. Why on Earth should Ii have such attention?

Why did I not exist?

I wonder if it had anything to do with Tony Blair. (not)

I was exactly right in my nntp post – should we demean ourselves? … that there are gods walking amoung us

and didn’t Bush and Blair ponce about like they were gods? That’s what got me going – they were behaving like gods

ed: There you go then

ed: ed: I don’t know how it works to be honest but I would expect to notice if you were deposed. Well what do you think?

Comments are welcome. I think that your email address will not be shown. Try it with a fake email address. ed: No it’s OK. I’ve got to allow them, I’ll delete your email address.

ed It’s after I realised about the maths of it all. John Reid, cnut. Journalists. I think that Blair is a pretender.

Well he is. More than a pretender. A total fraud. That was Blair I don’t think he had anything else.

Assuming fake legitimacy – that’s Tony Blair.

I did actually wonder how I was so powerful stating that he didn’t have a mandate or any legitimacy.

There you go.

What was his office called? Ho?

ed: Ho Ho

I think that we’re waking loads of people up now ;) Morning Terry

I used to wake Bliar up. Better get used to it ;)

Well it is Full Moon ;)

Can we crucify IB now please?

Myrobella Ho

Morning Terry, sorry to get you up but then it does come with the job. I did that queen’s (mum actually) messenger bit. You know, all that, I’ve got the name, the birthdate all that nonsense, a pink rabbit suit when I was a really young kid, I couldn’t help it to be honest. I agree it’s just nonsense isn’t it? I expect that you were warned. That’s the British establishment for you. Please express my thanks to the SAS – and to those in charge of them – for looking after me all those years ago. I had about three or four different nations folowing me. I could provide some advice to them actually.

I won’t do any more. Better get some sleep, eh ;)

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I’d like to make quite clear …

  1. That I am not and have never been a Labour Party member.
  2. I am not a member of and have never attended a meeting of the Momentum organisation.
  3. I am a Socialist with a big, capital S.
  4. I have a history of active opposition to the Labour Party while it was hijacked and perverted by Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ regime.
  5. I am not in any sense concerned at being regarded as a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. It has been established that there was a Hillsborough conspiracy. Blair & Co conspired to promote imaginary and non-existent weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq despite the absence of any evidence. It was so abundantly clear at the time that this was a totally fabricated nonsense. Blair & Co published two fabricated dossiers.




Iraq war families crowdsource for funds to sue Tony Blair

Relatives of British Iraq War dead launch crowdfunding appeal for possible legal action against Tony Blair


Taxpayer will fund Tony Blair’s legal costs as Iraq War families look to sue


ed: It appears that ‘the Establishment’ is totally prepared to protect Tony Blair despite his traitorous behaviour. I consider that to be unacceptable to myself and to the UK population and electorate.

ed: ed: It’s not as if it wasn’t expressed at the time, is it?

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If Socialists and lefties are excluded from politics then what?

Isn’t it clear that Socialists are excluded? Haven’t we had nobody to vote for for the past twenty or thirty years?

Isn’t that exclusion?

So you’ve had nobody you can vote for?



ed: I  had no idea when I said I want him dead and I had no idea when I said I said that (or whateever I said) . I really meant the first one

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And …

I just say it. I don’t calculate before saying it because I’m not that bothered. I calculate after but I’m sorry, you may need someone else. I don’t regard myself as in any way special.

ed: stuff like this is not worth the bother, is it? I know I’m deep but c’mon.

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Boris the twat

Just keep him away from everything

Give him some toys to play with

Don’t engage him with anything, he’s very simple and he won’t understand anything more than toys. He can’t do it. When he was mayor he just had tantrums. He’s a child.

ed: and so it starts. Couldn’t you just euthanise him Terry? It would have been best for all of us and now I’ve got to do my duty. I want to retire.

slightly later edit: It’s a real shame that totally useless upper class twats with a history of neanderthalism can’t find anywhere to go but politics.

I did actually mention this to Cameron – they’ve got enough money. Why bother us?

Can’t they just fuck off and be rich without bothering us?

AND I still have issues.

[20/7/16  2.10 BST It should be noted that the following is not about Boris the Twat.]

ed: I’ve wanted to retire for years. It’s on record circa G8 and then there that was that ridiculous fascist bullshism. Hey Terry, I have a question for you. I have endured and had some good hits for so long. Where / When’s it going to end / who’s going to prevail/win?

Is there a compromise / can we negotiate? IB!

I said it

20/7/16 IB! Such a totally corrupt shit given high office because he was such a total partisan shit. Promoting murder. Perhaps I cannot say participating, but I can say facilitating the … excusal of mass murderers and the following excusal of foreign murderers (Foreign forces) in UK.

[ed 2.11 BST 20/7/16 Participating is weird because apparently it is legal to do nothing while people die.] You bastards chose who was to die according to their politics and their names. (and nationality, mixed marriages). Oh, and of course … numbers.


More than that. Inciting murder …


What about murdering a commuter who has a certain name, a certain profession and nationality? Was he responsible for that? I think that it was probably foreign forces invited by Blair but he was definitely responsible for covering it up so well.

[20/7/16 2.52 BST His name provides directions to a political dissident. Come and ask me if you can’t suss it.]

[20/7/16 There’s much more than that actually. IB was making clear that it was me he wanted killed. Hopefully this is still in police records. Please don’t delete it – he deserves no less than being hung by his balls.]

I’m not willing to accept the bullshit. It would be good if many people were not willing to accept that bullshit.

So many people are aware of that … Journalists, politicians, etc. It is so clear.

It is disgusting that so many people are aware of it and are willing to do nothing.

A totally innocent man has been murdered. If you consider that acceptable, then you totally disgust me. You consider it fair to murder a totally uninvolved, innocent person?

[20/7/16 2.35 BST

I should make clear to the international audience IB is Ian Blair former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police who was sent to the Lords by disgraced former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.]

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