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Shall we talk about what’s obvious and accepted?

At least it’s accepted in certain quarters{!} that I have demonstrated it beyond reasonable doubt… The context is an insane PM in charge of a Fascist regime – isn’t that what it is when there’s a dictatorial leader that cannot … Continue reading

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Shall we have some straight talking about terrorism for a change?

Terrorism is used to scare people to conform. It is about governments controlling people through fear and paranoia. Aren’t governments the real terrorists – the ones that control people through fear? How many people, what proportion do they need to … Continue reading

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A suggestion

That 9/11 is exposed as what it was. Can those that believe in justice please participate and ed: donate participate? 4.26am edit: I suppose that is difficult since it has been accepted as the dominant ideology. It has been adopted … Continue reading

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Be afraid

Don’t talk to anyone because everyone else is weird. Don’t talk to anyone. Don’t enjoy yourselves. Be so afraid that you just consume. You know that consumption is GOOD. Be so afraid that you don’t ever venture out from your … Continue reading

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Terrorism BS must be recognised and exposed as Fascism

This is what I am proposing: The Terrorism narrative is excessively exaggerated and is intended to control people through fear to support an authoritarian right-wing agenda. It is further intended to scare people to support a right-wing agenda that supports … Continue reading

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I mean … If I was to nudge Blunkett in front of a train I mean just an inperceptible nudge that would be allright wouldn’t it? I mean there is a difference between terrorism and giving a politician a smack, … Continue reading

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I would love to get rid of this Tory government. Nothing would please me more that this government falling. I don’t know how it can be done. It looks like a general election.

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Having been caught up in it all …

Proper name’s coming back. Love you all and Corbyn

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Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn

My congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and his team. It is good to have a Socialist leading the Labour Party. I sincerely hope that the Labour Party will also turn Socialist. (ed: I backed him at 8/1 and made a few … Continue reading

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