If you’ve got nothing better to do, you could try Black Mirror se1e02.

There’s a pedalling the treadmill analogy (simily / reality)

There’s dissidence and confronting a totalitarian media-centric (can be described as media-controlled or even totally media-dominated or propagandised) regime.

I’ve yet to see – in my own experience (although I have definitely seen it others) – the policy and strategy of subsuming dissidents into the state so that they have comfortable existence as part of the state apparatus. Maybe is just me. Praps I’m not old enough. Do you get more siht as you get older? Praps I should just pull my finger out and give this shower the same as that previous shower of .? ed I should shouldn’t I. Is clear that they are very nasty Neo-Con/Neo-Liberals (I was only thinking of the not ashamed to be Tories Tories, never mind these Tories who are pretending to be not Tory Liberal-Democrats. To confuse it further there are the Labour and Co-operative Party Tories like Ed Balls. We need Socialists and that looks like the Greens.

ed: The trouble is that the three main parties are totally indistinguishable and then there’s UPUK pretending not to be right-wing scum with their bloke in the pub attractions -let’s vote for the pissed bigoted bloke in the pub. Looks like it’s all up for grabs.

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ISIS, Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria


Perhaps the single most important factor in ISIS’ recent resurgence is the conflict between Iraqi Shias and Iraqi Sunnis. ISIS fighters themselves are Sunnis, and the tension between the two groups is a powerful recruiting tool for ISIS.

The difference between the two largest Muslim groups originated with a controversy over who got to take power after the Prophet Muhammed’s death, which you can read all about here. But Iraq’s sectarian problems aren’t about relitigating 7th-century disputes; they’re about modern political power and grievances.

The civil war after the American invasion had a brutally sectarian cast to it, and the pseudo-democracy that emerged afterwards empowered the Shia majority (with some heavy-handed help from Washington). Today, the two groups don’t trust each other, and so far have competed in a zero-sum game for control over Iraqi political institutions. For instance, Shia used control over the police force to arbitrarily detain Sunni protestors demanding more representation in government last year.

So long as Shias control the government, and Sunnis don’t feel like they’re fairly represented, ISIS has an audience for its radical Sunni message. That’s why ISIS is strong in the heavily Sunni northwest.


ISIS would be able to recruit Sunni fighters off of the Sunni-Shia tension even if Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki hadn’t held office until mid-August, but his policies towards the Sunni minority have helped ISIS considerably. It remains to be seen whether the new PM, Haider al-Abadi, will be an improvement.

Maliki, a Shia Muslim, built a Shia sectarian state and refused to take steps to accommodate Sunnis. Police killed peaceful Sunni protestors and used anti-terrorism laws to mass-arrest Sunni civilians. Maliki made political alliances with violent Shia militias, infuriating Sunnis. ISIS cannily exploited that brutality to recruit new fighters.

When ISIS reestablished itself, it put Sunni sectarianism at the heart of its identity and propaganda. The government persecution, according to the Washington Institute for Near East Studies’ Michael Knights, “played right into their hands.” Maliki “made all the ISIS propaganda real, accurate.” That made it much, much easier for ISIS to replenish its fighting stock.


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DRAFT: I’m just starting to get a grasp on this ISIS BS – and strangely enough it’s about oil

I’m just starting to get a grasp of this ISIS BS. I wonder if any newspapers will be publishing this story with me tomorrow.

Kurdistan has control over its natural resources according to the constitution of the federal Iraq.

Kurdistan sold its oil in Texas independently of the central Iraqi government despite legal action by the central government to prevent that sale.

Basra in the south of Iraq is the region responsible for the vast majority of Iraq’s oil production – about 75% – together with huge oil and gas reserves.

Basra has also been attempting to assert its control over it’s oil resources in federal Iraq.

This Independent article raises objections to UK government claims that military intervention is legal since it is requested by the Iraqi government. It should also be appreciated that the Kurdish Regional Government has legitimate control of Kurdish oil.

This is a DRAFT and I will publish a fuller article

21.25 Still working on this. The least UK MPs can do if they’re going to vote on military intervention tomorrow is to try to comprehend the wider context and legal issues.

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What d’you say then?

Should you be PM, YOU CAN DO IT


I want suicides (also TB)

You need to make clear


Otherwise FU

You useless CT, you don’t deserve it

Useless CT


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I did send an email to @MI5.gov.uk

(and by the way I’m sorry that I took the piss a bit when you were first appointed)

They know me anyway

Oh not him again

W’eve got his emails since emails were invented

and before that


Hi Jonothan ;)


later: I’ve met some of your guys cos I used to live in Lundun

When can we have the party?

Is before your time Jonothan, I got in there very drunk with a barrister’s wig on, Anyway they just said get out. Actually. they said climb over the gate.

I got into MI5 drunk as a c**t

From the bridge is easy

please do em for em

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Keep them there till they die … well we’re in charge, we’re the totally partisan police … let’s make look it look like a terrrist attack although we’ve had loads of tube incidents signed: Ian Blair

Let’s chose who’s going to live

Ian Blair: We’ve got to get the numbers right. We’ve got to pretend that this is a terrrist attack instead of just another dust explosion on the tube. We’ve got to do it for my master Tonee (If you search you will find that I adore Tony and consider it my duty to perform ‘the intimate cleansing’).

We’ll do that Oh it’s so awfull down there BS and just keep underisables to die  – int. revos, human rights lawyer, Beer, Brewer, etc

Ian Blair: You can’t come down here yet, they’re still not dead. It’s all those lefties and gays and that. Stay out for a few days until they’re dead. FM, that human rights lawyer is still breathing, give me a day or two.

IB: I’m only getting away with this because of Tonee and those other Neo-Con Labour Party Fascists – John Reid, that fat two-arsed Cunt. Anyone should know that we can clear the tube in no time – but we’ve said it’s terrrrrrist and we’ve got to leave all them to die to make up the nummbers. The numbers are important – better the Devil you know! We’ve got to leave those who we’ve decided to die to die. Better really, they don’t agree with us.

Were there problems with getting down to tube explosions before? No, there was no problems.

Tony Blair & Ian Blair

Labour Party: This was your shit Ian Blair being Tonee’s butler

ed: There have been many explosions on the London tube. They are dust explosions. I think that I am correct in saying that there was never a fatality. It’s clear that this incident was manipulated for political purposes – by those shits Ian Blain and Tony Blair. They let people die and they decided who should die

for political purposes

Don’t be stupid ignorant. You’re identified by your mobile phone.

Ian Blair and Tonee decided who were going to die. By the numbers.

By the numbers …

for JcM


J d M

The Labour Party,

So what are you going to do to make it right?

Are you going to hold people to account?

Most likely no

Then, I am your enemy because you can be such evil bs and not have any regard that this poor guy was killed for your BS

It could be easy EdMb: You do IB and TB when you’re elected. They’re gone all of a sudden. Isn’t that fair? A deal with someone-or-other. Taking me to the pub would be a start. You’ve got to clean the s**t. Didn’t they teach you at PPE?. I have no concerns when I go sailing.

Is not necessary to go to the pub. Until I get a commitment …


ed: Look the point is that tube stations are really close to each other and the tube only travels about 4 or 5 miles an hour. Have you researched the tube cleaning train? It was a vacuum cleaning train that was discontinued – so more dust

[1/10/14 There are claims that the underground travels at about 20 mph average including stops. I think that is hugely exaggerated. ]

ed: Tube stations might be only a mile or two from each other -is no problem for rescue services firemen


Let’s get back to Ian Blair and Tony Blair. Can they be suicided please?

or other, I don’t care

Is it too much to ask that their families are also suicided?

Yes it probably is

These cnuts like John Reid, Charles Clarke, Jack Straw. Isn’t it shit when they call for someone to be killed while they’re hiding. I’m not hiding. Don’t they deserve it?

later edit: I forgot the blind cnut. Him too.

[The Labour Clarke, not the Tory]

I think that it’s fair, when these cnuts had power …

They did it, I do it back

Like I said, I have a mirror

C’mon Jonothan, I want to move on. I wanna go sailing and earn my earrings

1/10/14 There’s a section missing from this post. I’m sure that I mentioned the bus, about BMA doctors being able to recognise dead people.

About the number 30 bus on 7/7/2005 7/7/7 . The point about the bus is how were there 2 dead on the bus on 7 July and 13 dead on the bus on 8 July? That’s a difficult one to answer unless of course having a major incident like 7/7 provides the perfect excuse to go out and murder a few people. It’s then easier to put them on the bus than to take them down to the carriages.


Hasib Mir Hussain

Kingstar van

Wisdom, William Wise

leads to

Jean Charles de Menezes


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July 7, 2005 The London Exposions

There have been many explosions on the London Underground. They are dust explosions on the London underground. They are dust explosions.

The point is about what has since become known as 7/7 is that there was a decision to leave some people to, and

that it was then spun


New Labour’s Favourite Policeman

Let’g get rid of this one … let’s just throw him there until he(she)’s dead

FM Much better than our cells .. le’s just throw them in there till they die


… international revolutionaries (now where have I heard that before?), human rights lawyers, Foulkes, beer, brewer, …


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My take on it is

That I am very disappointed that the truth is subjugated to political BS.

It follows that democracy is not possible.

Isn’t democracy a conscious decision? The problem is that people must be reliably informed.

It follows – logically – that if people are intentionally deceived and misdirected … then there cannot be a mandate.

It’s like fraud, isn’t it? If you’re conned, you’re tricked & cannot give proper consent. rape?



Continue ReadingMy take on it is

What have I got to do to defend myself from a Fascist government?

And why do independent journalists not defend me?

I would expect independent journalists to defend my right to participate in the democratic discourse in any democratic society.

What does that say?

Does it suggest that it is not a democratic society?

I think so


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