Political betting tips

Gambling is dangerous: you can lose your stake so don’t blame me. Please consider donating a little to the boat fund if you make loadsa money. You have to be 18 in UK to gamble.

Euro Elections a week today. My favourite at the moment is Conservative-Labour-UKIP at 20/1. Most votes Conservative if you can get good odds. Nil Lib-Dem seats at 7/2 is good. Avoid the Rufus Hound special – there’s no chance since he’s number 5 on the list.

Political betting

22/7 Election day. I’ve just made a covering bet on Labour-Conservative-UKIP at 20/1. I honestly can’t see UKIP doing as well as people expect. Like I said, don’t blame me.

There are now very good odds – currently 33/1 – on Conservative-Labour-UKIP.

23/5/13 What’ll appen?

24/5/14 Possibly jumping the gun


26/5/14 … let that be a lesson to me

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Can you buy me a nice yacht please Cameron or Clegg?

C’mon, it makes sense – buy me a yacht for 40 or 50 grand and I’ll fuck off for a couple of years.

That’s nothing to you – you’re rich born into millions you [ed: you f******gly] rich b*stards.

ed: The offer is there. Buy me a nice yacht and I’ll FO for a couple of yers ;}

Shall we go yauchting? It shouldn’t be only rich scum …

They need to be used  …

Don’t they?

Shame that they are not used …




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What about this New World Order?

A New World Order

We’ve always known that it was shit. That it was always US controlling the world.

We’ve got to co-operate, Fuck USUK.

We’ve got to got away from this USUK terrorism bullshit.

Let’s leave them behind. Let’s abandon them.

We need a New World Order.

We Need to abandon that shit.

C’mon. Do it.

C’mon, it’s very easy – you just say FO out of my country

You say USUK elsewhere

because – of course – if you have USUK ???

You have a country?

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A quick clarification or correction

May be a bit dizzying …

About paranoid complexes: You’re not paranoid && you don’t have a paranoid complex if everyone is really out to get you. It can never be true that everyone is out to get you – as in the case of a proper paranoid – but there can be real organised conspiracies && that’s probably enough.

Inferiority complex: You don’t have a complex if everyone really does treat you as inferior.

You see a pattern there? (It’s about yourself i.e. complex reality subjextively experienced or interpreted && the perspectives of others). It follows that it certainly can be a  rational appraisal of situations and circumstances.

I really don’t think that I have a MC because I realise that it is others’ perspectives i.e. not my own (think of LifeoB;). It’s another thing to conduct ethnographic research.

I think that it may be best to ask Tonee about it since he obviously has real experience.

of MC

ed: Oh C’mon

shall we not demean ourselves

that there are gods walking amoung us?

ed: Actually it may have been

shall be demean ourselves? that there are gods wal[k]ing amoung us?

or something similar


I think that you should get the message

later ed: Shall we demean ourselves, that there are gods walking amoung us?

I said this [that] a decade or so ago

later: I’ve done loads of bets on the European Elections. Hoping to do a ‘Danny Boy’.

7/2, 16/1, 20/1

Then we’re sailing

Going to Bermuda


15/5/14 To make absolutely clear to the crap journalist: it’s the perception of others.

&& also to the crap journalist: I am a much better journalist than you’ll ever be && I did it for free

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Please understand

Ian Blair

nominally boss of the Metropolitan Police

followed a different path

He pursued political interests


pursued Bliar’s opponents

like a good


ed: from his first day

ed: Blair was a political appointment, He was appointed by Blunkett. He followed an alt pursuit from before day one. He was political, using state powers to pursue Bliar’s adversary from day one. The Liber tines, cocaine …

ed: I’d still like to hit John Reid ed: the little twat ed: the useless little twat

C’mon Celtic, please call him a twat for me

ed: He deserves a smack from me but I’m not likely to have the chance

ed. I’m Welsh. I’m Celtic. I was there for G8 2005

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I know about 7/7 being a new Moon and 21 or 22/7/2005 Jean Charles de Menezes being a full Moon. the van

Kingstar van

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