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Paedos cry Terrrist

There was a schoolboy called “Call me Tone” Miranda who entertained established paedos in his jaczi. Miranda organised Selby Wright’s summer school of young boys. Miranda had paedo after paedo falling around him in later life.    

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Like I said

I respond. I fight my corner.  

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment later 7.15am What am I saying? I’ve said it before 7.25: Tony Blair’s former flatmate …  

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Paedo scum

Er, I hope that you appreciate that there is New Labour paedo scum as well as Trad Tory paedo scum. I’m sure that there is no difference when you’re having it hard up the arse …  

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I am deep

I am deep C’mon

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It would make sense …

… to inform people how much they are exploited by the rich aristocracy, how much the rich bastards of UK have had to do nothing to achieve anything apart from being knocked out (I mean born (could they help it?)) … Continue reading

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Paedos cry terrorists!

It’s going to be awfully difficult for me to develop the thesis that Tony Blair (and Dubya Bush) are paedophiles without naming them. Luckily I’m just a kitchen table blogger rather than the speaker’s wife. Can we work on the … Continue reading

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This Bullshit about Terrorism:Paedophiles cry Terrorists!

It really does look that way. Paedophiles cry Terrorists! to be developed edit: Which raises the question Are these who have been crying Terrorists! … that’s what my research is suggesting  

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DRAFT to be developed: Thatcher and her nonces

Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral was last week. She got cremated which saved her opponents some effort. Anyway, many of her cabinet were nonces, paedophiles (pedophiles for you Yanks that have never learned to spell and get dates … Continue reading

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. dingwhat can I say? at least there’s attitude? hopefully i’m confusingspukscosimundmnsnal Anwyis sham wdytnk    

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UK & bee-killing pesticides

My assessment of the current state of UK bees follows MPs call for precautionary ban on pesticides linked to bee decline Pressure on the government to impose a “precautionary moratorium” on three controversial pesticides linked to the decline of bee … Continue reading

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