This is one thing which I have trouble – quantifying – putting a value to

To be honest – because I have been such a central part of it – I have trouble stepping back and seeing it objectively. There’s no way that I can consider it impartially if you think of it impartially. What am I to do?

I wonder what I should do, or actually what should I have done? Many of you will be aware that I was attacked relentlessly by a powerful politician non-politician politician gobbler in a penguin suit. It’s public record. What is to be done?

2.25 (:22) am edit: I do have an issue with this and consider that it is yet again unresolved which of course it is.

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Actually I would hope that you realise that I make some statements while I am drunk on weekends and late in the evening. Haven’t you noticed that?

I would also hope that you realise that reality that is presented to you is at least somewhat suspect?


OK Carry on

edit: Back in 2003 when I was opposing th ewar,

I called an MP that I had met before

I was really surprised that I got through to him – I rung House of Parliament and asked for him by name. I talked to him while he was travelling back to his constituency in Newport.

edit: I had met him many years before.

What I learned that day was that although he pretended very well to be an anti-war MP (this was just prior to the decleration of war by Bliar 2003) he was a a pretending shit.

edit: You want the name of the MP for Newport (I think there are 2 parliamentary seats in Newport)? Well he dis shit on me. At the time he was so anti-war. And when it came down it? Was that like Rhodri Williams – oh I so hate Blair but watch a duck without a leg – is that masonic bullshit?  Blair is not – actually not at all fun and I have had enough of it. UOF KCUF  nuf cinsm?

edit: Morgan

edit: No, that wasn’t him. (although he also pretended to be anti-Blair while he was not).

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If I had been sexually abused when I could not resist …

To see him burn?

To see him castrated?

edit: kill them

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Shall we …

… start

with …

an analysis …

that show

… that …

we are most definitely not “in this together”

… as the rich, landed, inherited rich would have us believe.


We are most definetiely not in this together unless you are born into a repeatedly wealthy family. See the pattern? Rich family -> Rich offspring ****s

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Watching a very good a vid. Made a few resolutions to myself today for some reason. Trying to develop a career. edit: Hope people will not frustrate that / this ->

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I hate paedos

later 3.10am edit: I’ve been doing some research on Paedos and it looks like it’s the higher cnuts of society – politicians are given awards by fellow politicians, paedo judges are promoted to the highest positions. That’s definitely the impression I get.

3:18 Paedo judges … am I repeating myself?

3.30 OK. Well there is a lot of research ongoing. Research is definitely identifying people & realising what’s happened with previous criminal investigations. Get involved.




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