I got searched by police this morning

I got searched by police this morning at about 12.20 am

I asked for a receipt for stop and search [1am edit: I was told to go to the police station for my record. That’s not the law. If you’re going to search me then give me the record. That’s the law]

That’s the law

I want my record that I was stopped and searched

[edit: apeart from that they were fine

[1.35am The policemen were fine and were good. I wanted a receipt for being stopped and searched – according to law.

[14/11/12 12.52pm I also got harassed by the police helicopter yesterday just before 3pm. I would prefer for the police to keep their distance]

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You have a chance to vote for total Turds this Thursday … the fifteenth

You have the opportunity to vote for a Mayor and a Police twat this Thusday.

It’s a very difficult choice for me because I’m reduced to attempting to discern which of them are not raving, barking mad.

I’m actually keen on voting but Quinnell the choice is between fing raving madmen.

[edit very slightly later: The point is about these police chiefs is that they have no idea about policing. Someone’s going to be elected who has totally no idea.

[edit: No f’ing clue. At least I’ve been in the cells with shit smeared on the walls & at G8 I’ve had first hand accounts of cups of teas with policemens’ pubes on them.

[G8 / 777 / 786 is important

[ correction: 867

[ is 786 and 867 that different anyway?

[Oh dear, web’s gone wierd for me. Hi all

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Shall I …

… talk about the journey? … because that does tickle me. Actually, I find it fantastically amusing LoL.

Well, there was this one guy who turned out to be pretty crap and later very obstructive. He was very concerned with his own personal progression and ended up ~ I learned many years later ~ probably regressing but definitely not progressing. Although being a capable man, he crossed me and I do hope that I contributed to his non-progression. I also hope that he reads this and recognises himself.

Anyway, he was a clever, capable man who had this theory to do with parapsychology that capabilities innate to us all were taught out of us through the process of socialisation.

I think that he was onto something there. Since I was so independent and alone I was never really so influenced – being never properly socialised – and came to trust my own conclusions far more than any handed to me to be consumed and believed.

I believe in such things as telepathy and premonition (aka precognition) because I have experienced them. I may even have demonstrated such things (I have). If you experience such things then why should you believe anyone that says that such things are not possible? If you want to develop such powers, I suggest that firstly you believe that they are possible and secondly to practice and recognise them in yourself and others. I’ve seen premonition in others while they would probably never admit it themselves…

[edit: Oh dear ;)

[9/11/12 4.52am Hmm )

[9/11/12 6.15am or so. I’ve wanted to say for so long that you should simply believe it, practice and notice it. That’s how it is for me. It’s not the same as lizzards …

[No, I am not suggesting that you should simply believe anything and that was stated very badly

[To clarify ~ I’ve wanted to say for so long that telepathy and precognition is very common

[and commonly not recognised


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a deep statement

I have always been For self-determination.



[a later edit about half an hour later:

This is so out of order. Imagine yourself

i.e. no you don’t understand it, contemplate it, imagine yourself in that position – a child without any defence from abuse.



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No more Apologia for now

Apologia over for now as I’m discovering new aspects every day since I am revisiting these topics. I had hoped that this would happen.

I have a few things to say. I had an anniversary on 31st October – it was ten years since I first attended a protest in Brizzle against the then proposed war against Iraq based on huge lies and deceptions.

Back then – actually less than ten years ago – I used to jump barriers on a huge roundabout on the way back from town and was even known to wear a bulky, padded denim jacket when it was too warm for the prevailing weather conditions.

Paddick’s testimony is interesting because of the timing – it came to light a month after the event – and also a particular ‘Brazilian’ phrase which was used and subsequently multiply denied.

I’ve been reflecting on the Hillsborough disaster and the Jimmy Savile scandal. What they have in common is that the truth eventually came out despite official obstruction. It seems that the truth is also becoming known quicker. Is there also now a far more readiness to disbelieve official sources since they have been so discredited? I’m sure that there is.

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