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NHS news review

Conservative election poster 2010 A few recent news articles about the UK’s Conservative and Liberal-Democrat(Conservative) coalition government – the ConDems’ – brutal attack on the National Health Service.   ConDem scum plans to destroy the NHS are coming to fruition following … Continue reading

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“Shame on you, David Cameron – you are crippling the poor in London. Shame on you.” David Cameron has been told he should be “ashamed of himself” as he was heckled during a speech to mark one month to go until the Olympics. Just seconds into the address to London 2012 employees, the Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Cameron and the Tories attack the poor ::1

UK Tory Prime Minister David Cameron will today make a speech signalling his continuing attacks on the poor, youth and the vulnerable. Cameron will suggest witholding housing benefit to under 25s despite the fact that the vast majority of such … Continue reading

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The war of austerity is bogus

It needed to be said and well done to Michael Meacher MP for saying it: the war of austerity is bogus, fake, manufactured. The solution is simple says Meacher: the filthy rich are getting filthier rich, tax them. Of course – … Continue reading

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